Bastard of the week – David Cameron – EU court jester

David Cameron - Bastard of the week - or should that be Gimp of the week?
David Cameron – Bastard of the week – or should that be Gimp of the week?

UK – That David Cameron has been chosen as this week’s Bastard of the Week will be no surprise to anybody. It is an immutable law, like those of the Medes and Persians that. Everything David Cameron touches turns to shit.

This week alone we have had his communications director Andy Coulson found guilty of phone hacking. The Judge reprimanded him over comments damning Mr Coulson before the Jury had finished deliberating, which threatened to derail the trial. This is not the first time that a trial judge (Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo fraud trial) has criticised him for this.

Today we have Patrick Rock. a former senior adviser to the prime minister and, who has been charged by police over child abuse images. He has been charged with three counts of making indecent photographs of children and of possession of 59 indecent images of children. Police searched offices and computers in Downing Street as part of their investigation.

Then to cap it all the EU leaders stuck two fingers up to David Cameron and chose to nominate Jean-Claude Juncker as next European Commission president. Make no mistake this was NOT a snub to the United Kingdom. It was a calculated and deliberate personal snub to David Cameron.

We are adults. We understand that we do not pick a fight unless we are highly likely to win. We also understand that the way to get what you want in a group is negotiation and compromise.

The idiot boy on the other hand, has managed to alienate any the friends that he had in the EU with his ill advised digs at East Europeans, and attempts to deflect attention attention from his government’s economic shortcomings and inadequacies by blaming the EU. He looks like a little boy in the king’s new clothes, humiliated, naked and very very afraid. The rabbit frozen in a car’s headlights as it speeds towards him is an apt analogy.

Generally it is never a single act that makes someone into a fool or laughing stock. In Cameron’s case it is a long established pattern of appalling judgement. His petulant stubborn child like behaviour when confronted with warnings and even the facts. Together with his constant throwing his toys out of his perambulator when he does not get his own way. Marks him down as being utterly unsuitable to be allowed out on his own without reins and responsible adult.

Some might reasonably argue that he should be heavily medicated, wheel around on a sack barrow, wearing straight jacket and a Gimp mask.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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