Where the Hell are the Ebola Controls?

Ebola coming soon to a city near you - thanks to the Conservatives.
Ebola coming soon to a city near you – thanks to the Conservatives.

West Africa – Recently Médecins Sans Frontiéres revealed that the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia in West Africa was out of control. Some 400 people have so far died as a result of being infected.

Now Luis Sambo, Regional Director, Africa for the World Health Organisation, said, ‘This is no longer a country specific outbreak but a sub-regional crisis that requires firm action by governments and partners.’

Ebola, is a hemorrhagic fever – one of a family of hemorrhagic fever viruses – with a fatality rate of between 65 and 90 per cent, no vaccine and no known cure. It is spread through contact with with the blood or bodily fluids.

The Big question is why the British Government is not imposing strict travel restrictions and health checks on people travelling from countries affected and their neighbours?

It is one thing to have an outbreak of Ebola in a small tribal village. It is quite another in a crowded urban conurbation. The possibilities of a mass outbreak spreading out of control is horrendous.

So once again just like sending guns to the psycho killers in the Free Syrian Army and their friends ISIL. Our government and Jeremy Hunt the Health minister is utterly failing to protect the British citizens.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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