Something stinks in the ISIS Caliphate.

The ultimate aim of US policy in the middle east
The ultimate aim of US policy in the middle east

The ISIS Caliphate –  the last month as seen the spectacular rise of the ISIS Caliphate. This has been coupled with the mass murder of anyone who is not Sunni muslim. We have also heard that ISIS is selling oil!

Recently news has come out that these terrorist have captured a chemical weapons factory. The US and its NATO allies allegedly regards ISIS as terrorists. More extreme even than al Qaeda.

We have also heard that ISIS have a team of experts working on new types of bombs with which to hit their enemies with. New undetectable bombs hidden in batteries!

So there has to be a huge question as to how come the chemical weapons factory and the surrounding aria been incinerated with the so called “Mother of all Bombs”. It would be the ideal weapon for the job as it is a so called fuel air weapon. Which produces the same sort of overpressures as a nuclear weapon without all that pesky fallout.

But the US and its NATO allies do not seem at all bothered about it. Strange normally the US goes apeshit if it even thinks anyone it does not like has weapons of mass destruction.

Stranger still is that the paranoid apartheid state that calls itself Israel doesn’t seem at all bothered about it either. Their Prime [s]minister[/s] Psychopath and head racist zealot, Bibi Netanyahu is busy electioneering in the Gaza Strip. Paving the way to his next election win with the corpses of Palestinian women and children.

Then there is the matter of the oil sales. Who is buying this oil from al Qaeda’s bastard child? Where are the financial sanctions against the buyers of this oil and the people who arm and train ISIS? Nothing has been reported.

The evidence is stacking up, ISIS is under the control of the USA and Israel. it is doing the US’s bidding. Faced with this we have to conclude that the USA is a terrorist state.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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