We need to honest about World War 1

The reality of war. Lives wasted for the ambition and greed of the the elite.
The reality of war. Lives wasted for the ambition and greed of the the elite.

WW1 – With the 100th anniversary of World War 1 or the Great War, we are getting loads of articles about the sacrifice of the people who died in the fight for ‘freedom’. We are also told that it was the war to end all wars.

Let us get this straight. World War 1 was not the War to end all Wars. The treaty of Versailles was the direct cause of World War 2. The Cold war. The Vietnam war and all the mayhem in the middle east. Even now we are still living with the consequences of it.

The greed and stupidity of the so called ‘Victors’ has come back to bight us on the ass over and over again. The UK and France did not win the war. They were on the winning side. Only the USA came out of World War 1 on top. Absolutely everyone else went bankrupt.

The cause of World War 1 was not the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo. It was just the excuse. The Great powers were spoiling for a fight. If the assassination had not occurred then another excuse would have been found.

The Losers had their empires broken up and the spoils such as they were divided up between the British and France. This seemed like a victory. But it was only an illusion, because both the Britain and France went bankrupt.

It is a law of history that no empire survives going bankrupt. That does not mean that the empire falls immediately. It trundles on and even gets even more powerful militarily before peaking and going into a long slow decline.

Actually The British empire was already in serious trouble. The Boer war proved that to the rest of the world. A war that was supposed to be a quick smash and grab raid for the gold and diamond mines of the Boer republics turned into a three year slog requiring the entire resources of the empire to win.

The French were in hardly a better situation having been given a comprehensive kicking in the Franco German wars.

The problem with empires is that as they grow the cost of the bribes required to keep the empire growing eventually exceeds the income from the empire. Then added to that the central power keeps getting dragged into wars on behalf of its so called allies. Eventually the Power and financial muscle cracks and the periphery breaks away.

But I digress. Almost no one except the Belgium’s died for freedom. Absolutely everyone else died for the greed of the empire that they represented. It is not a war that we should celebrate the start of. Celebrating the First World war at all just shows ho little was learned by our masters from the whole ghastly slaughter.

If anything had been learned at all we should be feeling remorseful for the waste and stupidity of it ever having happened in the first place.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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