Sleaze is back: Del Boy Cameron in Sale of Peerage Scandal!

Del Boy Cameron selling silver spoons to the rich and famous.
Del Boy Cameron selling silver spoons to the rich and famous.

UK – Roll Up! Roll Up! Get your Peerage here! A once in a parliament offer! Roll Up! Roll Up!

Yes you can tell that an election is in the offing the Conservative Sleazebag Prime Sinister David ‘call me Dave’ Cameron is doing his best ‘Del Boy’ act and holding a fire sale of Peerages.

Fearing that he will be defeated in the coming General Election, and that he will be unable to line his pockets in the same way that his idol Tony Blair has managed to. Camoron started auctioning Peerages to the highest bidder.

Bids for the available peerages must be presented in a brown paper envelope. The practice of presenting bids in designer jiffy bags went out with Tony Blair. The Guide price for a peerage is £500,000-00 in used notes or cheques made out to CASH.

CASH is the trading name of Conservative Association Strategic Holdings ELP, a shell company based in the Bahamas. Which for reasons unexplained has not published any accounts since its incorporation by Margaret Thatcher in 1975.

In a change to the normal rules of auctions, where only the winner has to pay. The Political auction rules apply. This means that the losing bids forfeit their bids to the seller. So it is vitally important that bidders bid to the maximum that they can afford.

It should also be noted that should any cheque bounce bankruptcy proceedings will proceed immediately against the bidder.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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