Israeli Health Ministry Orders another 500 Kidneys for Transplant.

A kidney transplant in progress
A kidney transplant in progress

Israeli Apartheid State – Yesterday the Israeli Health ministry put in an order, to the Israeli Defence Forces for a new batch of human organs for transplants.

During the last 72 hours medics have finally managed to make significant progress in harvesting the organs from the mountain of bodies created during the Recent Electioneering in the Gaza Strip. The recent 72 hour pause in electioneering has allowed medics catch up with the backlog of organs waiting to be harvested.

At the same time that the Israeli Health Ministry put in it order it simultaneously started advertising world wide that they were back in the private organ transplant business.

The requisition order to the IDF is said to include 500 Kidneys, 250 livers, 250 heart and lung combinations, 100 colons and as many corneas as they can provide.

Together with the odd footnote: Please try to only shoot people in arias that are not used for transplant.

Which of course begs the question about the morality of the whole affair.

Oh and where did Steve Jobs got his new liver for the private liver Transplant…

Benjamin Netanyahu admitted to the Practice of organ thefts from dead Palestinians, in the Knesset. Not before he had denied it and claimed that it was Anti – Semitism and a blood libel against the Jews.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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