Clueless Useless Nonsensical Tory Scum

3136Off to the Jobcentre Off with their heads!
Hanged by the neck until you are dead!
No money, No voice How will I cope?
Smiling, I’m smiling I’ll hand you this rope.
As I cut of your income for subsistence rules.
I’ll send you on workfare with none of the tools
I’m helping you, helping you No need for complaints
Now into the stocks put on the restraints
Everyone is smiling, the merry goes round
The birds never sing here no voices no sound.
No future, No feeling there is no escape!
The grasping and grinding. This vile corporate rape!
I’m helping you, helping you You need to be saved
I’ll piss on your corpse and shit on your grave.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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