Ebola Exposes Secret London Germ Lab!

The High Level Isolation Unit at the Royal Free Hospital
The High Level Isolation Unit at the Royal Free Hospital

UK – Sundays arrival in the United Kingdom of Ebola infected volunteer nurse William Pooley, 29, has done more than expose the population of this country to the risk of an outbreak of Ebola.

The Department of Health confirmed that Mr Pooley was flown to RAF Northolt in a specially equipped Military aircraft on Sunday and transferred by military ambulance under police escort to the High level isolation unit at Hampstead’s Royal Free Hospital.

It is at this point that you have to start asking why Mr Pooley was brought back here to be treated? There has to be some reason that the government wants him back here. It is no trivial undertaking to bring someone back in a specially equipped military aircraft. Then there is the decontamination of the plane and ambulance used in the transfer.

You can forget humanitarian reasons. It should be obvious to even the stupidity people that the Government does not care at all about its citizens. The Biological warfare scientists must want something. That something must be live samples of this strain of the the Ebola virus.

Ebola, is a hemorrhagic fever – one of a family of hemorrhagic fever viruses – with a fatality rate of between 65 and 90 per cent, no vaccine and no known cure. It is spread through contact with with the blood or bodily fluids.

Since 9/11 getting the necessary permits to legally import the virus samples would take some time. But an infected patient cuts through the need for all that.

Why the Royal Free Hospital? Now that is a good question. You would have thought that only a mad man would bring an Ebola patient to a hospital in a major city. It is the type of disease that you want treated safely in isolation, far away from prying eyes and the chance of it spreading.

Now the Royal Free Hospital has the only High level isolation unit in the country. There is also a dedicated laboratory for carrying out tests. This lab needs to be a special type that ensures that nothing can escape from it in the event of an accident.

According to the Royal Free’s website the High level isolation unit was set up in 2006, and has has already treated several cases of viral haemorrhagic fever of the type that Ebola belongs to.

Where do you hide a Biological weapons laboratory? Well we at the Bastard would suggest that in plain sight would be best. Where better than in a hospital in the capital city?

So by returning Mr Pooley to the United Kingdom the government has also exposed the location of a secret government biological weapons laboratory located at the Royal Free Hospital.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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