Rochdale: Much media Huffing and Puffing and the Paedophiles get off scot free once again!

The Independent Cover Up of Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham 1997-2013
The Independent Cover Up of Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham 1997-2013

UK – Once again the plight of children in care has come to national prominence with a report saying that as many as 1400 children were systematically abused and pimped out by Pakistani Gangs between 1997 and 2013.

That such abuse was known about for almost all the time it was happening and that officials systematically hid and destroyed evidence of such appalling crimes is systematic of a much more serious problem in British policing and officialdom.

The report pretty much rehashes the same old criticisms that previous reports did in the past. For instance the north Wales children’s homes and the Elm Guest House.

The mass media has played exactly the same part in all three scandals. That role can be summarised as Hurrah some pimps have been jailed. Boo some officials that allowed this to happen are still in positions of power. And finally total silence about the customers of these pimps who once again seem to have got away with it.

Yes of course it is good that some evil pimps have gone to jail. But they are only a symptom of a vile cancer that seems so prevalent in British society.

That of Paedophilia. A cancer that goes right to the top of the British establishment. With former Prime minister Edward Heath being said to have abused boys on his yacht the Morning Cloud. His conservative successor Margaret Thatcher seemed to surround herself with known Paedophiles and even invited paedophile Jimmy Savile to spend 11 Christmases with them.

Another, Sir Peter Morrison, was one of Margaret Thatcher’s closest advisers. Even David Cameron is not free from the taint.

Patrick Rock, a former senior adviser to the prime minister David Cameron, who has been charged by police over child abuse images. He has been charged with three counts of making indecent photographs of children and of possession of 59 indecent images of children.

Police even searched offices and computers in Downing Street as part of their investigation.

The police have displayed a marked reluctance to go after the customers in all three cases, and this is the real scandal.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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