Now the Union is Safe for Now: How Long Before the Voters are Betrayed?

Well it is the Union for now. Will Westminster mishandle it in the same way that they did over the Irish Home Rule Question?
Well it is the Union for now. Will Westminster mishandle it in the same way that they did over the Irish Home Rule Question?

UK – Now that all the votes are counted in the Scottish Independence referendum and the result known. A victory for the no camp. Not that the size of the win was decisive, a mere 6% swing and it would have gone the other way. Demonstrating just how divided the Scottish are on the subject of independence and just how dissatisfied they are with Westminster.

Westminster on the other hand, can breathe a collective sigh of relief. It is business as usual. The promises and undertakings made by the leaders of the three main political parties in Westminster to the Scottish voters to induce them to vote no are now being quietly buried. Those that are not being buried are suddenly finding that the rank and file of the political parties are utterly opposed to granting them under any circumstances.

Rewind a mere hundred years of so and we are back to a re-run of the Irish home rule debate. The main difference is that this time round all three of the main political parties the Conservatives, the Labour party and the Liberal Democrats, in Westminster are all opposed to home rule for Scotland.

Where as in the Home rule for Ireland debate it was the Liberals who supported Home rule for Ireland and the Conservatives who opposed it to the last.

It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out in the 2015 general election. Are the Scottish people going to realise that the Labour party and the Liberal democrats are always going to put the interests of Westminster before Scotland?

In the same way that the Scottish Conservative party does. Most people forget that the full name of the Scottish Conservatives is the Conservative and Unionist party.

The Scottish electorate have already punished the Conservatives for their Westminster centric policies. Will this now start to happen to the Labour party and the Scottish Liberal Democrats as well?

If it does then will the Scottish labour Party or the Liberal Democrats manage to break free of the control freak stranglehold of the Westminster leadership of the parties?

Or by being unable to wrest control and policy making from the London based parties? If not will they continue to slide towards extinction in the same way that the Scottish Conservatives have?

All this suggests that we are about to enter what the Chinese call interesting times.

A Chinese curse: May you live in interesting times

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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