At last the Government starts taking Ebola seriously

An Ebola patient.

UK – Three months after Médecins Sans Frontières revealed that the Ebola outbreak in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia in West Africa was out of control. The British government has got round to calling a meeting of COBRA to discuss the issue.

Médecins Sans Frontières made this announcement on the 27/06/2014. On that day The Bastard recognising that the seriousness of the situation published an article called Where the Hell are the Ebola Controls?

But at the time the commonwealth games were about to happen in Glasgow. It would not have done to impose strict border controls in case it affected ticket sales for the games.

Thankfully the Commonwealth games passed off without an Ebola outbreak in Scotland or the UK.

The government breathed a hearty sigh of relief and ignored the problem. Calls for restrictions on passengers from affected countries was met with claims that the Government did not want to adversely affect the economy of those countries.

The Bastard says fuck them, imagine how badly it would effect the economy if Ebola was to get loose in the population of the UK.

Then on the 1-10-2014 suddenly there was an was an Ebola patient, Thomas Eric Duncan, wandering about in the United States. A hospital turned him away because he did not have medical insurance!

A member of his family had to phone the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and tell them what was going on!

The CDC then ordered the hospital to take him in. Texas “orders” possible contagious family members of Ebola carrier to stay home!

Note that, “should stay at home not quarantine them”. It is almost like the US government wants Ebola to infect the population.

Michael Lively, a homeless man who had been in the same ambulance as Mr Duncan, went for a wander in downtown Dallas, Texas, while he was supposed to be under observation caused a bit of a panic until he was found and forcibly confined in the psychiatric ward of Parkland Hospital following a city-wide search by Dallas police. Whilst the police belatedly apply to the courts for a court order to hold Lively at the hospital, against his will if necessary.

Now a nurse in Spain has caught the disease in spite of using all the safeguards against infection. She only entered the room twice. Her dog is going to have to be destroyed because dogs are carriers of the Ebola Virus without being affected by it .

So what is the British Government going to do? well in the opinion of your not so humble reporter, Nothing. Unless the reason is that they have been caught with their pants down in the run up to the General Election. In that case they will do everything they can to cover up the facts.

Breaking: Mr Thomas Eric Duncan has died of Ebola at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital at 07:51 local time.

From the BBC:  Cobra meetings, or Cobr meetings as they are often also called, are named after Cabinet Office Briefing Room A on Whitehall.

It is an emergency response committee, a get together of ministers, civil servants, the police, intelligence officers and others appropriate to whatever they are looking into.

When the government announces that it has convened a Cobra meeting, it can give one of two impressions.

The first is it is quickly getting to grips with a thorny issue of immediate national significance. The other is that something bad is happening and maybe they are to blame.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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