Is David Cameron Churchill’s Bastard Grandson?

The young Winston Spencer Churchill
Notice the uncanny resemblance between the young Winston Churchill and David Cameron

UK – Whilst browsing through the Wikipedia entry for Winston Churchill I found a picture of the man taken in 1904. What struck me most was that his face, particularly the lower half, bore an striking resemblance to our blancmange faced prime minister David Cameron.

I told a couple of friends about this. They agreed that there was such a resemblance. One even went further and suggested that the upper part of Winston Churchill’s face bore a resemblance to Boris Johnson. Though personally I cannot see this…

But the idea persisted, germinated, grew and then bore fruit. What if David Cameron is Winston Churchill’s Bastard grandson?

Did Winston put it about a bit as a young man? We do not know. What we do now is that he was a shameless self-publicist used to the trappings of power. So a bit of upper class adultery is not entirely beyond the bounds of possibility.

If is is so then David Cameron has inherited Winston Churchill’s military ineptitude. As exemplified by the disastrous Dardanelles campaign and opposing home rule for the Irish.

Decisions that David Cameron has mirrored, with Libya, Syria and opposing home rule for Scotland.

In point of fact rather too many of today’s problems lead back to the greed and stupidity just one man. That is Winston Churchill. It looks like David Cameron is following in Grandpa’s footsteps.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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