World War 3 Imminent: de Menezes Murderer Joins the Foreign Office!

Cressida Dick Head

UK – Today we have the shock news that Cressida Dick. The police woman in charge of the death squad that murdered Brazilian Jean Charles de Memezes, at the Stockwell tube station on the 22 July 2005. Has quit the Metropolitan Police to join the Foreign Office.

Ok. So now it is now safer to travel on the tube without a bunch of drunk or drug addled gangsters holding you down whilst attempting to pump eleven shots into your head.

It is a miracle that the three shots that missed Jean Charles de Menezes head did not add to the day’s slaughter. How a supposedly trained marksman manages to miss an immobile target at point blank range is utterly beyond me.

However there is a significant likelihood of a nuclear war breaking out between the United Kingdom and it’s soon to be nuclear armed former allies.

I might also have added that there was a significant chance of alienating our fellow members of the European Union. I might but I did not!

This is because our wise leader, David Cameron, in attempting to divert attention from his own incompetence, has managed to so alienated the other leaders of the EU that they are going to humiliate and shaft both David Cameron and The UK at every opportunity.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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