Wanker Brown Stands Down as a MP at Last!

Gordon ‘Wanker’ Brown

UK – At long last Gordon ‘Wanker’ Brown is to stand down as a MP at the general election. In a very real way the old ‘Wanker’ has finally shot his bolt. The only real question is why it took him so long to go.

After having lead the wholesale looting of the populations work pension schemes. Resulting in rather austere futures during their retirements for most people. He was so desperate to ascend to the captaincy of RMS Titanic HMS Britannia, that he was blind to the looming Iceberg financial crisis that sank his administration in the 2010 General Election.

With hind site it seems that ‘Big’ Tony was in on the scam that was the 2008 financial crash. He timed his departure to perfection. Just in time to be wearing a white coat when the shit hit the fan. Thus preserving both his political reputation and future earning potential intact.

Wanker Brown on the other hand half blind in both the literal and metaphorical sense, with greed and ambition, did not think to see what was looming ahead. Which is very strange because in 2010 he stated that he had seen the 2008 financial crash coming a decade ago. Plenty of time you would have though to have taken steps to have prevented it.

I do wonder if fact that ‘Big’ Tony played him for a Pasty has finally dawned on him, or is the arrogance of power still distorting his grasp on reality?

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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