Disability Equality Legislation Sidelined by the Appeal Court!

British Courts: Inflicting Justice on the Poor!
British Courts: Inflicting Justice on the Poor!

UK – It has been a really great day for disabled people and their carers today. NOT! With the courts handing out a double whammy to the Equality Act 2010.

First losing the ILF case brought by two severely disabled men questioning if the former minister in the form of Mike Penning MP had broken the the equality laws when announcing the closure of the Independent Living Fund.

In the second an appeal by the First Group the appealed a ruling in the High Court that Bus companies had to give priority to disabled passengers over people with pushchairs.

This second ruling effectively exempts bus, and by implication train franchise holders, from catering to the disabled. The First Group runs both.

The readers of the Daily Mail Nazi  seemed rather pleased that they could now ride on busses without having to see Disabled people.

The feeling that you get from the comments on the DN report is that the disabled should be locked away in concentration camps Care homes so that decent people should not have to see such abominations.

The Editor of The Bastard put this on the Daily Mail Nazi  comments:

Shows that the Government and the Law regards the disabled as INVALID – non people. Oh how I would like the minister for the disabled to be a wheelchair user. But somehow I think that they would not get elected or even put forward for election.

What I wanted to say was that I wanted to put the minister for the disabled in a wheelchair, by virtue of taking a 4Lb lump hammer to the C5 and C6 vertebrae.

But I think that it would have fallen foul of their community standards. Which is strange for a orifice that caters to the Hang them and flog them brigade.

It has at the time of writing 29 green arrows  and 53 red arrows. Aren’t the Daily Mail Nazi  readers such nice people.

Somehow I felt that it might not pass the Daily Mail’s Nazi’s  standards of taste and decency.

How do you like the Article?

Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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