Bullying 101

All members of the herd think their predator looks like this.
All members of the herd think their predator looks like this.

1. A bully is rude to everyone unless they want something, then they are charming.

2. If someone does bully you. Keep smiling and most important be civil. Most importantly of all Never Ever show that they have hurt you. Even if you are dying inside! The bully is looking for that vital bit of feedback. It is the reward for the obnoxious behaviour.

3. If someone makes a joke that mocks you, then you make that joke first. It takes the fun out of it for the them. If you look at Jewish humour, then you will see this thread running through it. I am sure that it is a common defence for minority sections of society.

4. Bullying is part of predator prey behaviour. It is the looking for a weakness that they can exploit. Maybe it says something about me, but I can spot a lot of victims at a glance. It is as if victims have a placard 20 feet high saying ‘Victim’.

If I can spot a victim so easily then so can others. That I now chose to try and help ‘victims’ rather than exploit them is my choice.

5. Victims or prey tend to huddle together in groups for protection. It is called Herding. But the members of the herd forget or do not understand that the protection of the herd comes from one of the herd being a sacrifice to the predator, allowing the rest of the herd to survive. That sacrifice is generally the weakest.

6. Being a member of a herd is not all advantages. Herds attract predators. If you think lions and Wildebeest you will get the right idea.

7. Any group or ghetto, without predators creates opportunities for predators from within that group. Who protects the prey from predators within the ghetto? This is part of why ghettoisation is a seductive trap.

8. Members of a herd tend to become obsessive about their own victim hood. I call this ‘Special Victim’ status. Rubbish a victim is a victim is a victim. In exactly the same way a bully is a bully is a bully.

9. Claims of being a ‘Special Victim’ enhances the victims status within the herd. Conversely it actually diminishes the status of the victim claiming to be a ‘Special Victim’. The target audience tends to see the person claiming that they are a ‘Special Victim’ as a winging shit who brought it upon themselves.

10. Claiming that you are a ‘Special Victim’ is not exclusive to the prey. Predators claim ‘Special Victim’ status too. They do this in order to justify their actions. The BNP, EDL and the rich are all examples of this.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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