ASDA a symbol of Rotten Management and Decay!

ASDA Hatfield.
ASDA Hatfield.

UK – The prospect of trip to your local high street now fills the intelligent with dread. The other shoppers are like drugged automatons moving in step to the Prozac dance macabre.

But it is not just the other shoppers that are bad, and they are. The real terror lies within the big four supermarkets. Surly unhelpful and resentful staff stacking shelves blocking the isles often two in each isle.

For shoppers in a wheel chair this is a total nightmare. When they ask the staff to move their stock cages or themselves the shopper is greeted, if they are lucky, with a resentful if I have to. Or be totally ignored.

Today my partner and I went to ASDA in Hatfield shopping. ASDA is part of the US Walmart retail giant. It was hell. When my partner wanted to get some combined shampoo and conditioner. The trouble as that a stock cage was blocking that section if the isle. When we could not find it. The member of staff was neither polite or helpful.

On we went and it seemed that every shopping isle had at least 2 stock cages and matching surly unhelpful staff blocking the isle. Actually it was not just seemed every isle was like this. My partner found it all impossible to shop with all these stupid obstructions in the way.

Pretty soon we saw one of their managers stacking the shelves. Now by managers it is a curious new usage of the word that no one sane or with a modicome of intelligence would use would use.

I said to him, “Don’t you think that it is a bit stupid having two or more stock cages in a shopping isle because it makes it very difficult for people in wheel chairs to do their shopping.”

I expected him to take what I had to said seriously. After all I am the customer and I am right. Especially as it is also a disability access issue. Other shoppers are vile enough to people in wheel chairs as it is without the shops adding to the problem.

His response was that they had to have all the shelves re-stocked by 15:00. NOT sorry, NOT that is true or you have a point, or even thank you. Just, “We have to have the shelves re-stocked by 15:00”

It was only when I said. “After all we are the customers!” That we got a grudging, “I will mention it.” from him.

But it is unfair to single out ASDA here Tesco’s are just as bad if not worse. It is proof positive that a dominant market position is bad for the businesses customers. They need breaking up into smaller independent units.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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