The Election: David Cameron waves a dead baby at the Voters

Vote for Me! Vote Dead Baby! Vote Conservative (sic)
Vote for Me! Vote Dead Baby! Vote Conservative (sic)

UK – You can tell that there is a General Election in the air. The political class is out and about trying to convince sceptical voters to buy into their vision of the future.

To this end they have even been out kissing babies, and the Cameron’s have once again pulled out their secret weapon. Their deceased disabled child, Ivan.

The Daily Mail Nazi devoted five days worth of print time to the interview with Samantha Cameron. In which she spilled her heart out to the Daily Mail Nazi about how Ivan’s death almost broke them.

The Daily Mail Nazi sociopathic readership was for once outraged at this cold cynical waving of Ivan’s dead body at the voters in order to silence critics and gainer sympathy from the electorate. Even the Daily Mail Nazi itself in the form of Dominic Lawson to point out the utter hypocrisy of the Cameron’s. DOMINIC LAWSON: So very moving, but Cameron’s words on his poor son do raise questions

It is at this point that we must point out that the Cameron Government has been exceptionally brutal and cruel to the sick and disabled. Lawson even pointed out that even the charity that had helped the Cameron’s had its funding cut as soon as the Conservatives came to power.

When the Tories looks at the sick and disabled they only sees the money that could be made from working them to death and then rendering their bodies in caustic soda to make soap.

But is is not just the sick and disabled that he has victimised. He has also made it more difficult for carers. The people who care for the sick and disabled.

It is much like his much vaunted religious devotion. In his own eyes he is a model Christian. To the leaders of the Church of England and all the genuine Christians he is more like Tony Blair AKA the Anti Christ. He would not know what Christianity was if it hit him in the face. He worships at the alter of money and power.

The whole Cameron machine is Cold, Cynical, Manipulative and Hypocritical. He has no human feelings just a preparedness to do anything to get elected.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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