Hapless Labour Loses the Election!

The full extent of Ed Miliband’s Failure

UK – Shock Horror the Conservatives won the Election. A pall of despair hangs over the the country. Who could possibly have seen this coming?

Well, anybody who is not connected with the Labour Party enough to have an objective view.

Any analysis of the result has to start with what makes a party win an election?

That is very simple you need a clear vision and a leader who can communicate that vision. You have top give these devils their due, both Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher did just that.

Did labour have that in their leader? It is hard to say because Ed Miliband seems incapable of exploiting David Cameron’s and the Conservative parties myriad weaknesses.

The Conservatives left so many open goal. Many open goals!

  • The Economy
  • Legal Aid
  • The disabled
  • Illegal sanctioning of the sick and unemployed
  • Government borrowing
  • Government debt
  • Corporate benefits
  • Tax shortfalls
  • Government law breaking
  • Government’s failure to enforce the law

The list goes on and on.

So what did Ed Miliband’s Labour do about them? You guessed it Nothing That is right… Nothing.

Ed Miliband never once dared to be distinctive. He was always treading in fear of the Daily Mail Nazi’s headlines. All along he has allowed the Conservatives to dictate both the his agenda and the Labour party’s policies.

The Job of the opposition is to oppose the government in parliament. Not prop it up. Ed Miliband’s Labour has failed in that too. Several times they have propped up the government when they should have opposed them. Even backing retrospective legislation in the face of a court judgement.

Oh well fratricidal Ed Miliband is now history. They should hand Miliband a loaded revolver and a bottle of Scotch and tell him to do the decent thing.

We will have to wait and see if Labour will now have their own night of the long knives and clear out the Brown / Blairite trash. The one that should have happened in 2010

So the Conservatives have a majority. But it is only a slim one, 331 seats. In 1992 John Major had a bigger majority, 336 seats. It is one thing to have a thumping great majority but a slim one is quite another .

History tells us that David Cameron will be as much of a prisoner to his backbenchers as John Major.

If anything there are more Euro sceptics than in 1992. As I recall John Major called them Bastards.That was an insult to bastards. A more apt description is that they were the maggots on a rotting corpse.

Now they can and will hold David Cameron to ransom. As can any other clique of deranged lunatics, of which there are plenty, in the Conservative party.

Rather than worry about what they might do I think it is a better idea to see what they actually do. Then worry about it when we have the correct information and know what we really do have to worry about.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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