Lizzy Announces More Welfare Bashing! More Union Bashing!

Queen Lizzy
Queen Lizzy

There was no customary heckle from Dennis Skinner, as Black Rod entered the House of Commons, during this year’s official state opening of parliament. Though Dennis Skinner might not heckled at this year’s state opening of parliament, this embittered socialist is more then prepared to give the finger to Lizzy announcing what Lizzy’s government intends to do during this session of Lizzy’s parliament.

Ah there was you thinking that it was yours & my government & parliament, well no I distinctly heard Queen Lizzy say that it was her government & parliament & what is more disturbing is that you & I are the property of Queen Lizzy as we aren’t British citizens but subjects of the British monarchy. No doubt there’ll be some conservatives who’ll say I’m being a stupid twat & somehow make out that the monarch represents you & I, err if the monarch represents you & I then why is it you & I don’t have a say who the monarch happens to be.

I guess I’m for a trip to the tower because I’m a lifelong republican always prepared to give the finger to the monarchy & to imagine overthrowing the monarchy & having an elected & accountable head of state. But though I might be a lifelong republican & would dearly want Britain to have an elected head of state, I’m far more concerned with the substance of the Queen’s Speech & what this Tory government is intending to do & how it will affect many poor & vulnerable peeps.

What I heard from Lizzy at yesterday’s state of opening of parliament was pretty much more Tory bullshit which is going to wreak misery on my life & the lives of many vulnerable people struggling, more welfare bashing, more union bashing & how it all the more it reminded there’s a need for Labour to provide a strong & effective opposition.

Before any conservatives get their knickers in a bind & tell me I’m a sore loser & I’m somehow not respecting democracy; can I just say I’m long over when my jaw hit the ground when I saw that BBC exit poll on election night, I’m perfectly respectful that we live in a democracy, but our democracy is far more than two wolves & sheep voting what’s for lunch, we have a parliamentary democracy & in a parliamentary democracy though the party with the greatest number of seats in parliament might dictate the legislative program of that parliament, it’s the job of opposition parties to scrutinize, to help shape, to challenge & if necessary oppose proposed legislation & if opposition parties are ineffective in opposition then all you merely have is an elective dictatorship & that’s not healthy for democracy in the long term.

Considering what the Tories are proposing to do it’s pretty full on necessary for Labour to muster as much of an opposition as possible. When so many peeps such as myself so desperately needed there to be a Labour government to try & rectify social justice, unfortunately so many of the middle classes were duped & bribed by the Tories who are the party of the 1% who govern for the interests of the 1%, who are wanting to steer Britain towards becoming some nightmarish dickensian corporatocracy & thus for the sake of myself who will never fare well in Tories vision of Britain there needs to be a strong opposition led by the Labour Party.

More than ever there needs to be a strong Labour opposition, but as I sit & write this I can merely hope Labour will bounce back from defeat & become a strong opposition & learn from mistakes from the past & not sell out to the Tory agenda for all our sake.

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