Potty Government Drug Regulation As Ross Ulbricht Is Sentenced To Life Imprisonment For Selling Pot

Ross Ulbricht
Ross Ulbricht

There’s a raging fucking anarchist brewing up within me right now or should that be the civil-libertarian in me is raging hard at the life sentence given to Ross Ulbricht for essentially facilitating the sale of plant material

Ross Ulbricht helped create & manage the Silk Road website, an online market place for selling & purchasing various illicit substances which governments around the globe have deemed to be ‘illegal’, despite the fact I & millions of other peeps around the globe regularly ingest peacefully without harming anybody else those various illicit substances that have been available via Silk Road those who govern us have deemed illegal.

Ross Ulbricht has now been sentenced to life imprisonment in federal penitentiary in the United States (no holiday camp!) without the chance of parole, for his participation in creating & managing the Silk Road & a I despair at how asinine, egregious & unjust all this happens to be. I despair because I reiterate that Ross Ulbricht has been imprisoned for life for essentially helping to sell plant based material ,only its the plant material deemed illegal, despite the fact just about every substantial report into dug prohibition & the war on drugs has concluded both the war on drugs & drug prohibition is counter-productive & asinine.

You don’t see gangsters having turf wars over the distribution of cough syrup, but when any substance such as alcohol or marijuana is deemed illegal by any government then any peaceful legitimately regulated market is replaced by a black market regulated by gangsters, guns, violence & death & there’s plenty historical evidence to back this up, however no matter how much you point to this, governments around the globe don’t seem willing to learn.

The US government or the British government might block access to the Silk Road or have the Silk Road website taken down, but it’s not as if peeps won’t find other means to access the Silk Road or set up other sites similar to the Silk Road. As with the Silk Road, we’ve had this crap with Pirate Bay which access to is supposedly blocked in the UK, but if you’re in UK just click here to find how easy it happens to be to access it.

No matter what the British government might say I’m going to keep on smoking spliff & I don’t need to score on the Silk Road to do so, but you’d think it would be better to score ganja or coke online then on some scuzzy street corner.

How about trans women purchasing hormones online, geez I know some will say that’s a leap however its in fact not totally unrelated. Being as I’m myself a woman with a trans history, I’m aware that the current Tory government are considering proposals on drug regulation that would prohibit trans women from purchasing female hormones from legitimate retailers such as Inhouse-Pharmacy. Though I might now get a NHS prescription for female hormones, for the first two years after I came out as trans I purchased hormones online & so I’m aware of how current proposals if they become law could negatively affect many trans women trying to treat themselves for a fucking medical condition!

So regardless of the war on drugs & peeps toking spliff, governments in their infinite wisdom are also willing to prevent peeps getting hold of drugs to treat themselves for serious medical conditions & they’re prepared to give ridiculously hefty prison sentences to those who dare facilitate access to such medicines.

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