Is It Time For The Greens To Persuade Natalie Bennett To Say Goodbye?

Plaid Cymru
Plaid Cymru

UK – With all the speculation and media talk regarding leadership contests with the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party as consequence of poor electoral results at last month’s general election. Oh yes, of course the leadership contest which was not with UKIP.

I am surprised there has not been much talk in the news media regarding Natalie Bennett being ousted as leader of the Green Party because neither she personally, nor the Green Party faired that brilliantly this general election.

Is this article somewhat of a revenge piece from a Labour Party member upon the Greens and their smug self righteous indignation towards Labour Party supporters?

Oh I would definitely say this is something more then a revenge piece by a Labour supporter as I so often find Green Party members insufferably sanctimonious with their attacks from the left upon Labour.

It does seriously get my nose that they seem far more willing to attack the Labour Party then the Tories, of course this is despite the fact there’s an overwhelming overlap in lefty idealism with Labour and the Green Party.

As someone who’s definitely of a radical progressive political mindset there is a great deal to the Green Party policy platform to which I agree with. Like being anti fracking, pro renewable, pro legalising marijuana and pro banking reform.

But it is so easy to promise the world when your unlikely to get elected to government. It is hard for idealists to hear but if you want to get elected you have got to be realistic about your able to do in government,

You have got to be ready to make tough choices that might sometimes go somewhat against your core principles, many political pundits are suggesting that in the case of Labour failing at the general election, was due to the Labour party failing to appeal beyond its core constituency. The election results do reflect this.

Oh yeah, the Green Party fare as well as they had hoped despite all their lefty idealism and the all that insufferable self righteous sanctimonious indignation that comes along with it.

Okay the Greens got Caroline Lucas re-elected MP for Brighton Pavilion, but Natalie Bennett told us that the Greens were going to break through and get MPs elected in Norwich South and Bristol West. In fact I reckon the Green Party did not live up expectations due in no small to Natalie Bennett’s poor performance as the Green Party leader, during the run up to the election and during the election campaign.

There was that infamous interview on LBC where Bennett could not even remember the Greens housing policy! Then there was a horrific shambles of a performance when she crumpled totally whilst being interviewed by Andrew Neil on the BBC’s Sunday Politics program.

Unlike her counterparts Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP and to a lesser degree Leanne Wood of Plaid Cymru. Natalie Bennett did not shine at all in the televised election debates. Far too often what ever positive rhetoric which Bennett might be advocating is cancelled out by the fact she comes over as wooden a tad prickly, having met Bennett I can testify that she does seem somewhat socially awkward as a result she appears a tad prickly.

Okay I am known for being somewhat anti-social. But unlike Natalie Bennett I am not the leader of a major political party nor would I ever plan to do so. I kind of think the Greens made a big mistake in having Caroline Lucas step down as leader being as she is far personable then Natalie Bennett and thus a far more an engaging advocate than Natalie Bennett.

With the inevitable backlash there was going to be against the Liberal Democrats going into coalition government with the Tories. I thought there was chance of the Green Party to capitalizing upon that backlash and replace Liberal Democrats as the lefty protest vote. But there appears to have been a marked lack of organisation and focus within the Green Party to do so.

Some might of course ask me as Labour Party member why would I want the Green Party to be stronger than they are; well I would prefer Green Party members defected to Labour (or rejoined Labour) and help ensure Labour does not lurch too far to the right in seeking electoral success. But failing that I would like the Greens to help keep Labour to the left in a similar manner to UKIP dragging the Tories to the right of Attila the Hun.

Natalie Bennett is not the sole problem for the Green Party and their electoral performance. But nor is she helping, so maybe it is time for the Greens to persuade her to say goodbye.

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