Funny How It is Always Right Wing Loons Who Go On Shooting Sprees

Images Of the individual suspected of carrying out the latest mass shooting in the United States
Images Of the individual suspected of carrying out the latest mass shooting in the United States

Isn’t it ironic that its radical right wing politicians who advocate there being less gun control, when considering when it’s politically motivated that it’s so often nutty loony right wingers who go on murderous shooting sprees.

Funny how it’s always loony right wingers who on murderous shooting sprees, you don’t hear of social-democrats ever going on a murderous rampage with a fucking Uzi, yet its the radical right of UKIP & the Tea Party who make out we on left are totalitarian for wanting to prevent lunatics for carrying out mass shootings.

UKIP’s Nigel Farage has stated in the past that he thinks ban on handgun ownership here in Britain is ludicrous and wants to relax gun control laws. I am so thankful for the gun controls laws we have here in Britain, I certainly would not want any Ukipper to have easy access to firearms knowing the kind right wing paranoid conspiracy shite they buy into & how similar it is to the kind of shite by those right wing loons who do go on murderous shooting sprees have bought into.

Yesterday in the United States we saw the consequences of what happens when some mentally unhinged right wing nutcase has easy access to firearms, when a man shot 9 people dead in a historic historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina. Yet again it appears that the individual suspected of being responsible for carrying out the latest murderous shooting spree had done so as a means of stating hatred towards the Afro-American community.

In response to the mass shooting in Charleston, President Obama stated that ‘I have had to make statements like this too many times’. This is the 14th mass shooting Obama has had to respond to during his presidency. Whatever gun control measures Obama tries to bring in are opposed by the GOP in Congress and vilified by the right wing news media as totalitarianism.

Of course it is utterly totalitarian to want people to be able to be free to be themselves and get on with their lives. Without of the threat of being gunned down by some fucking lunatic who does not like that they happen to be different to themselves. But conservative politicians and media pundits vilify such a notion as the smack of socialist totalitarianism.

I still remember my utter disgust at Glenn Beck’s remark comparing those socialist students shot dead in Norway back in 2011 by Anders Breivik, to the Hitler Youth. Thus implying its no sad loss. Of course it is never said, or even implied, in the US news media that its more then likely those who right wing loons who are politically motivated to go on killing sprees have likely been frequent listeners to far right talking-heads such as Glenn Beck, Michael Savage and Alex Jones.

Okay there is the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, which protects the right of individuals to keep and bear arms. However I do not imagine the founding fathers ever envisaged that the mentally unhinged should ever have access to assault weapons. There is of course the First Amendment of United States Constitution which supposedly guarantees freedom of speech & there being a free press, something which the likes of Glenn Beck & Alex Jones conveniently use in attempt to shield them from being held to account for th hatred they whip up, but isn’t time the likes of Glenn Beck & Alex Jones are held far more to account for the shite they spout such as it being every lunatics god given right to own a fucking machine-gun & making out various minorities are to blame for the disintegration of the United States or that all these mass shootings which happen are part of an elaborate conspiracy orchestrated by the government which itself is controlled by some secret powerful elite hiding away in some underground bunker.

Ukippers, Tea-Partiers, other assorted rightwing loons, they can all call me totalitarian as much as they like, because I know I believe in freedom, the freedom to be able to walk down the street unhindered by the threat I’m going to be gunned down by some rightwing lunatic who doesn’t like trans-women or peeps with disabilities. Trans-women & peeps with disabilities already the victims of hate crimes out on the street far too often, we don’t need to be even more fearful that some loony rightwinger is going to gun us down because they think trans-women are perverted freaks or they don’t like being taxed for the care peeps with disabilities. Nigel Farage is utterly bonkers & a total wanker for wanting it easier for lunatics to go on murderous shooting sprees, but hey worth remembering it’s always right wing nuts who want easier access to firearms & it’s nearly always some right wing loon or uber conservative religious zealot who go on politically motivated killing sprees.

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