Spoilt For Choice When It Comes to GOP Presidential Candidates! Err Not!

3185Earlier this week, Jeb Bush, brother of former US president George W. Bush, officially launched his campaign to be the GOP’s 2016 presidential candidate.

Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Donald Trump, all the serious candidates likely to gain the GOP’s nomination, they are all White, wealthy, middle aged men, golly gosh isn’t the American voter going to be spoilt for choice with the field of candidates bidding for the GOP’s presidential nominee, err not!

I know some are going to say to me what about Carly Fiorina or Ben Carson who have formally announced their candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination, yes what about them, are you seriously telling me that a woman or a Black guy is going to win the GOP’s presidential nomination considering that the GOP has become an overwhelming bastion of angry white men and has consistently thrown up presidential candidates who are wealthy white men.

If women are involved with the GOP or vote GOP they are usually brainwashed Christian fundamentalist loons. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann need I say any more?

Palin might have been on the GOP presidential ticket back in 2008, but she was picked as McCain’s running mate in a hurry to potentially sex up McCain’s campaign in a failed attempt to counter the Obama effect.

As it goes McCain’s presidential campaign manager has since gone on the record to say that picking Palin was a mistake considering how fucking crazy she happens to be.

Though Michele Bachmann did run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, though she topped the Iowa Straw Poll. She quit the race after the first primary, even Fox News thought the crap she was spouting was too bat-shit crazy.

No longer do the majority of women in the United States want to be told what they must do with their bodies, the majority of Americans are now in favour of LGBT equality, the growing Hispanic community are voting against those politicians who propagate anti immigrant rhetoric, but there is little sign of any GOP candidate actually responding to the demographic and cultural changes in the United States. Yet again the GOP field of presidential candidates is dominated by wealthy, middle age, white men, parroting the same conservative bullshit of anti abortion, anti LGBT, anti immigrant, oh & course, Lets not forgetting the usual conservative crap of worshipping the wealthy and fuck the poor who want evil socialist handouts.

It fucking astounds me how so many impoverished Americans get duped into supporting stuff which is totally against their own self interests, take for instance those who typically attended the Tea Party rallies opposing moves towards universal healthcare, many of whom certainly looked as if they could very much benefit from there being universal healthcare.

Though the United States has changed both demographically and culturally. There are still enough ignorant angry white men easily duped by GOP spin merchants in the media to give a chance of the GOP capturing the White House in 2016. If they do I think for many its more then just oh dear.

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