Katie Hopkins Has Her Twitter Account Hacked

katie hopkins tweet comp
katie hopkins tweet comp

Apparently Katie Hopkins recently had her Twitter account hacked! I know that maybe I should not laugh but..LMFAO! LMFAO!

I am still waiting for the day to see live on television Katie Hopkins having her face sat on by Beth Ditto from indie rock band The Gossip, but I have been waiting near on a decade to see live on television Gillian McKeith have doner kebabs endlessly stuffed up her rectum.

Of course Hopkins is likely to make out that because she is a public figure that this is why her Twitter account was hacked, but the real reason Hopkins has likely had her account hacked is not just because she is a D-list celebrity talking head, it is because she is an utter cunt who says the vilest of things about the most vulnerable peeps.

It is no surprise that pretty much everybody, kind of, thinks that Hopkins is in this instance getting what she deserves, in fact I would imagine there are plenty out there who would like nothing more then to see her head on a spike. If Hopkins got her way with her anti welfare state spew that is likely be what would become of her.

It is time the likes of Hopkins and other wealthy individuals who have read too much Ayn Rand then spout anti welfare bullshit, come to realise that the welfare state does not just protect the most vulnerable but it also protects the better off as well. The welfare state pretty much prevents there being bloody revolution, people storming the Bastille, lynch mobs from Hopkins front door with pitchforks and petrol bombs.

As long as Hopkins is on television influencing ignorant minds with grievances, and as long as the Tories are in power. They are able to enact their ideological opposition to the welfare state. There is a risk of that the gap between rich and the poor will widen to an extent where the masses might very well contemplate storming the Bastille.

I do not know about anybody else, I kind of like the quiet life, thus I do not want there to be bloody revolution on the streets. So shut up Katie Hopkins… Just shut the fuck up!

The Bastard says: It was the rich who created social welfare. Not make the life of the poor better. But in order to protect themselves from the heaving masses.

One of those cases of enlightened self interest. How soon they forget…

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