Lizzy Gets A 7% Rise In Welfare Payments Whilst Disabled Peeps Starve

It was 3189announced last Wednesday that the monarchy is to get a 7% increase in its welfare cheque from the government.

Funny how Tories will bitch on about the cost of welfare in caring for people with disabilities & yet will have no problem in increasing Queen Lizzy’s welfare cheque, yes funny isn’t it how the most welfare dependant family in the land has escaped the Tories austerity program of welfare reform whilst many people with disabilities are having the rug pulled from under them (& then some) by welfare reform.

Of course some Tories are bound to tell me that I’m being ridiculous & blather on about how Queen Lizzy & family work very hard, yes I imagine it’s jolly hard work living in palaces, riding around in gilded horse drawn carriages & taking luxury tours abroad.

Not only was it announced last week that the monarchy is getting an increase in its government welfare, but Bucking Palace is to have a £150 million refurbishment! Funny how the government can find a £150 million to do up Queen Lizzy’s home & yet countless people with disabilities are constantly told there’s no money to make the necessary special adaptations to their homes to help them live more independently.

It’s not funny at all, it’s in fact fucking disgusting, how the Tories will justify spending millions upon millions to ensure one of the wealthiest families in the land continues to live in opulence & splendour & yet will victimise some of the most vulnerable people in society who only want to not have to choose between freezing or starving come winter.

On the very same day it was announced last week that Queen Lizzy & family were getting an increase in their welfare payment, there was a protest by Disabled People Against Cuts in the lobby of parliament (during Prime Minister’s Questions) about the government’s victimisation of peeps with disabilities, the irony isn’t lost on me, nor the irony that whilst the news media gave ample opportunity to various politicians to justify the increase in the monarchy’s welfare cheque, there was no representative from DPAC sitting along side saying why they were had been protesting at parliament.

DPAC certainly got my support in their protest, it’s time Members of Parliament (from all parties) heard the anger of people with disabilities for being victimised for economic woes & yet those at top who had a hand in causing those woes get rewarded with tax cuts & then there’s the royals living in lap of luxury at the cost of 56p to every person in Britain which is far more than the cost of any one family with a sibling with disabilities to barely survive.

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