UKIP Gatecrash Pride

3191Some gays might be UKIP, because unfortunately some gay peeps are stupid.

Gay Ukippers are like turkeys voting for Xmas, the LGBT group in UKIP are pretty much disowned by the rest of the UKIP faithful & is it any wonder considering the homophobic shite spouted by many UKIP members, have they heard the kind of homophobic rhetoric spouted by UKIP MEP’s such as Roger Helmer & David Coburn. Ah David Coburn who’s UKIP’s only openly gay MEP & yet is a rabid homophobe saying shite like gay marriage is ‘equality nazism’.

It’s pretty simple if you oppose same sex marriage then you’re a homophobic, no excuses, no bullshit, and UKIP oppose gay marriage & I hear no different from UKIP’s LGBT group. UKIP & UKIP’s LGBT group not only oppose marriage equality, but want to repeal anti-LGBT discrimination laws, If UKIP had their way, we’d be finding shops & services hanging signs saying ‘no gays or trannies served here’ & this kind of goes against most of what the majority of LGBT activists have campaigned for & it goes against the spirit of Pride.

For those of us who believe in LGBT equality & liberation, for those of us who passionately support diversity, had thought it would be offensive to have UKIP’s LGBT group to participating at Pride in London as they are opposed to pretty much all that Pride is meant to be about, I mean nazi skinheads wouldn’t be welcome at an event celebrating Jewish heritage & thus UKIP weren’t welcome at Pride, in fact LGBT UKIP were barred from participating at Pride in London & yet UKIP still managed to gatecrash Pride.

Irony of ironies UKIP’s LGBT group muscled into the Pride parade in front of a charity that advocates for LGBT asylum seekers, yes UKIP’s LGBT group upstage a charity which advocates for the people who UKIP demonize & UKIP’s LGBT group support in doing so.

Some might now think that Pride in London is now just one giant drunken party in central London, but there’s still very much a necessary political element to Pride in London & it’s necessary due to the rise of UKIP & the bigoted crap it’s members have spouted towards the LGBT community.

Kellie Maloney might of apologised for when she was Frank & stood as UKIP’s London mayoral candidate saying they wanted to ban LGBT Pride, but there’s still plenty in UKIP who probably still would like to ban LGBT Pride & so yes there’s still a very necessary political element to LGBT Pride.

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