Gay Marriage Is Legal Get Over It!

3194A Fox News pundit said gay marriage would lead to there being floods, this of course is utter bullshit & it ain’t original.

It’s been 10 days since the Supreme Court of the United States announced its historical decision to legalise same-sex marriage in all 50 states & Christian fundamentalists & GOP politicians have acted like fucking cry babies throwing their toys out of their pram in response. From GOP hopefuls stoking up hate towards the LGBT community to Christian fundamentalists claiming there will be floods & pestilence as consequence to gay marriage being legal across the United States, the response of both GOP politicians & Christian fundamentalists isn’t laughable, I actually find it beyond fucking offensive.

Essentially what the rightwing in the United States is bitching about regarding marriage equality, is the fact there is now equality & that’s what is so fucking offensive. Geez how dare how LGBT couple celebrate their love for one another just as any straight couple is able to, geez how hare dare LGBT peeps think they should be afforded the same equality, respect & dignity as anybody else, this ain’t suppose to be according to a particular interpretation of what’s written in some old crusty book which is the word of some non existent mystical sky daddy.

It’s funny that when it comes to the Bible how many Christian fundamentalists don’t seem to get past the Book of Leviticus & onto all that hippie stuff Jesus said in the New Testament & even when they do they do seem to cherry pick so to carry on being nasty fucks towards any minority they want to be hatefully venomous towards. Many of the same arguments we are hearing from the Christian rightwing in the United States against LGBT peeps having equal rights are pretty much the same arguments which not so long ago the Christian rightwing spouted against Afro-Americans & other ethnic minorities not having equal rights & I think most peeps would be appalled if in contemporary USA any Christian fundamentalist used what’s written in the bible as an excuse for racism & well there should be the same response to them doing likewise towards the LGBT community & not having Fox News being allowed to egg them on.

Here’s my message to Fox News, conservative shock jocks, Christian fundamentalists, gay marriage is now legal so get the fuck over it & stop acting like bigoted cry babies! Oh & yes the decision of SCOTUS does apply in the state of Alabama, it seems that some state officials in Alabama (known for being the most conservative state in the union) questioned whether the SCOTUS decision applied to Alabama, err of course it does as long as Alabama remains within the union & it wouldn’t surprise me if there wasn’t some nutty Christian rightwing secessionist movement as a result of homophobic bigots being told they can’t be as bigoted as they’ve been towards the LGBT community.

It’s ridiculously irrational that anybody would protest consenting adults wanting to conform or celebrate their love for one another, but it’s another thing to want to take up arms because peeps different to you want to celebrate their love for one another.

Gay marriage is legal, gay marriage is legal & what actual harm is it actually causing you? Err none so yeah get the fuck over it is my message!

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