Greece Gives The Finger To Austerity And You Can Also Do So

Jeremy Corbyn

Democracy won yesterday as the people of Greece gave the finger to austerity & it’s time peeps else where being economically oppressed by austerity do likewise.

Unfortunately the majority of voters here in Britain were duped enough by neo-liberal rightwing spin that austerity was necessary & two months ago a Tory majority government was elected & this coming Wednesday vulnerable peeps will find out how much more pain they must endure as George Osborne delivers yet another budget from the government of the rich serving the interests of the rich, but there is hope & it’s in the shape of Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate in the Labour leadership contest who’s truly anti austerity & for being so he’s demonised & mocked by a news media with a rightwing bias charged with pumping out the propaganda that austerity necessary.

Austerity is only necessary for the rich, it’s only necessary for the rich to consolidate their wealth & power & distract the other 99% by having the middle classes turn on the most vulnerable for needing assistance, oh & it’s the Tories who accuse Labour of wanting to wage class war!

You invest in giving a better quality of life to the most vulnerable then they’re able to be more productive & are able to contribute more to society etc, any debt incurred by that investment pays for itself & then some, but the Tories scaremonger about how such a massive investment would send the the British economy the way of Greece’s.

If the Greek peeps had voted in favour the latest IMF/EU bailout conditions then who do you think would of benefited? The answer if the same multinational mega banks who’s reckless behaviour caused the financial crisis in the first place. Kind of funny isn’t (not!) how the very same banks who needed billions upon billions in funds from various governments to rescue them & now are punishing peeps being governed by those same national governments who rescued them from ruin. Here in Britain, peeps with disabilities in receipt of welfare to keep their head barely above the water have continuously been punished for the financial crisis by this Tory monstrosity of a government & this is despite the fact it wasn’t peeps in receipt of welfare who caused the financial crisis.

Remember those who rob you most often are wearing designer suits not discount hoodies!

If like me you’ve had enough of the mega rich not being held to account for their lust for greed & the recklessness & exploitation that comes as a consequence, if like me you want an economy that works for all because it’s an economy built from the bottom up, then I strongly suggest you throw your weight behind Jeremy Corbyn for Labour leader.

I know that one shouldn’t put too many expectations on one politician, however if Corbyn does get elected as Labour leader then there’s a chance for Laboutr to become a truly socialist alternative & not a pale imitation of the Tories neo-liberal monstrosity. If Corbyn gets elected leader then there could finally be a socialist movement with muscle to challenge the Tories Thatcherite neo-liberal agenda that oppresses the fulfilment of so many.

Corbyn isn’t a joke candidate as some pundits would like you to believe, he’s a serious prospect! I actually know peeps on the left who’ve become disenchanted with Labour over recent years, but have said to me if Corbyn became leader they’d definitely be inspired to campaign Labour again & think there are definitely voters out there who want to vote for a Labour Party with a socialist vision & it’s only Corbyn offering that.

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