Did MPs Son Pays for Parents Sins?

Tom Borwick being beaten unconscious after being attacked in a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Leicester Square.

UK – Today the Conservative Newspapers are full of the story about Tom Borwick being beaten unconscious after being attacked in a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Leicester Square.

Tom Borwick is the son of newly-elected Conservative MP Lady Victoria Borwick and Baron James Borwick who sits in the house of lords. Victoria Borwick represents Kensington and is a former London deputy mayor.

The story is being painted as an unprovoked attack, by three black girls on the MP’s son and his girlfriend. While they cued up to get a late night meal at the Leicester square KFC.

It is a great truism that, “Nothing ever happens in isolation”. There is always a context. It is also true that random acts of senseless violence do occur on occasions. They are really rather rare. What generally happens is that a fair amount of alcohol is involved on all side and that some careless comment or accidental action gets mishandled. It then escalates completely out of control into a full scale altercation.

It is most probable that this is exactly what happened.

At the moment we only have the politicised version from his mother a publicity hungry MP. Who is seeking to blame everyone and everybody else for what happened.

What actually will only come out if it ever reaches court. Which is also highly unlikely. Much more so if the story becomes a political embarrassment. The truth will only come out when the CCTV footage reveals how it kicked off.

A wider question is did Tom Borwick pay the price for his parents political sins? It is unknown if the alleged “Girl Gang” knew that he was the son of a conservative MP. But if they did, then did that knowledge contribute to the events that happened, by making it worse?

If the answer is yes. Then will the lesson be learned by the parents. Or will they continue to delude themselves, in their gilded prisons?

My guess is that as we have a government that delights in its cruelty to the most vulnerable in society. The Conservatives seem to believe that they are above the law and are untouchable as a result.

They are storing up a massive backlash. They believe that they can ride it. Letting the retired take the flack. Well pride comes before a fall. The ghost of 1381 is abroad.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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