The Tories Prove Themselves Ever More Nasty and Cruel

Iain Duncan Smith cheers at the prospect of vulnerable people being killed
Iain Duncan Smith cheers at the prospect of vulnerable people being killed

If there was ever a finer illustration of how nasty and cruel the nasty party happens to be, it was Iain Duncan Smith’s ‘fuck yeah’ response during Wednesday’s Budget & the prospect of more vulnerable peeps suffering & being killed due to further welfare cuts.

It’s something definitely worth remembering that vulnerable peeps are going to suffer & be killed as a consequence of Wednesday’s first truly Tory Budget since 1996 & how Tories like Iain Duncan Smith sickeningly cheered on.

We on the left of the political spectrum knew prior to the Chancellor of the Exchequer getting to his feet in parliament that Wednesday’s Budget was going to be bad & oh boy it was bad!

I don’t know what fucking planet George Osborne is living on, but certainly not the same one as me, because he seemed in total denial about the economic reality at street level. Osborne told us that the strongest are paying a far heftier price than the weakest for getting the economy into shape etc, err this is bollocks & not just purely from the prospect of vulnerable person. Osborne as always likes to tell us about the increasing rates of employment, but seems in total denial that much of the job creation is low waged or part time. Oh then there’s Osborne’s introduction of the ‘living wage’, which actually isn’t the living wage but a rebranding of the the minimum wage as the rate of the Tories ‘living wage’ is to be set below the actual level of what the rate those of us who have campaigned for the living wage think it ought to be.

Of course Osborne used the usual scaremongering excuse of we could end up like Greece if spending & borrowing aren’t reduced etc, but what Osborne didn’t reveal is that the Tories have in fact borrowed more in the past 5 years then the previous Labour government did in 13 years & that’s a consequence of austerity. Rather than cutting the benefits of peeps on Employment Support Allowance who get put into the Work Activities Group, maybe the Tories (or any government) should have a massive program of support for peeps with disabilities, because you help peeps have a better quality of life, the more they’re able to be productive & the more they’re able to contribute to society & they’re contributions will pay for the investment in any program of support, but instead we get scaremongering excuses that we’d end up like Greece & this is despite the fact our economy being nothing like Greece’s (believe me I’m an economist I know about this kind of thing).

Bullshit excuses about ending up like Greece are being used by Osborne to punish peeps with disabilities & defenceless children, oh & not tackling the crisis in affordable housing. No mention in the Budget of tackling the housing crisis, though the Tories have introduced the Help To Buy Scheme this is essentially a means of bribing Middle Class couples to vote Tory & will likely inflate house prices thus cause another housing bubble & it’s not tackling the real housing crisis that being the lack of affordable housing which is contributing to an economy not working for all & peeps voting for far right parties like UKIP.

The Tories think they can manage the economy by purely using the stick & not the carrot & what cruel & nasty stick they use in punishing peeps with disabilities & defenceless children. Maybe some peeps with disabilities are fit enough for work, but as I know personally there are extra costs due to having disabilities, so lowing the ESA rate for those in the Work Activities Group is nasty & very cruel, but hey the Tories have spent the past 5 years being ever more cruel to peeps with disabilities & so yeah why should I be that fucking surprised.
If I’m not surprised that the Tories would be ever more nasty & cruel to peeps with disabilities, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the Tories would steal candy from babies, but I actually was shocked that the Tories would punish defenceless children to get their ideological jollies & reward their chums in the city. So couples who have more than two children will not receive tax credits for any child after the first two & well this is bad for any child of a couple who has the misfortune of being the third child to be born to any couple, I mean they shouldn’t have asked to be born, err actually no child actually asks to be born!

If families aren’t hit by the cut to tax credits then they might get hit by the further of reduction in the benefits cap. Geez if the prospect of more children starving due to the cut in tax credits wasn’t bad enough, now the Tories want to make more children potentially homeless with the further reduction to the benefits cup.
Starvation, homelessness, destitution, whilst bankers get exorbitant bonuses, hey welcome to Tory Britain 2015 & ain’t it disgustingly repugnant!

Was there anything in this Budget which I agree with?

I certainly agree with scrapping the permanent non dom tax status, however I really need to see the detail regarding this & the reason that George Osborne announced this is purely due to public pressure not because the Tories actually wanted to punish their wealthy donors. I agree with the announcement of extending Sunday trading, however I don’t agree with leaving it to local authorities.

Overall Wednesday’s budget was bad, very bad, vulnerable peeps will be killed as a consequence, I guess this what George Osborne meant by delivering social justice.

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