Katie Hopkins Sinks To A New Low Suggesting Euthanasia Vans

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Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins has suggested in an a magazine interview that there should be ‘euthanasia vans’ to deal with Britain’s overwhelming elderly population, yes when you imagine that gobshite Hopkins can’t sink to a new a low, she then does so.

I’m sure most reasonable peeps will be fucking aghast & horrified at Hopkins latest hideously uncompassionate suggestion, I’m particularly horrified knowing something about Nazi Germany & the Holocaust. Before the Nazis started to employ the industrial scale mass extermination in the extermination camps of Auschwitz & Treblinka of Jews, Gypsies, the mentally ill & whoever else they despised; the Nazis had experimented with gassing people they despised in mobile gas chambers by rigging up the exhaust systems on box lorries.

I would not be surprise me that Katie Hopkins being as hateful she happens to be, will next be using her media platform to suggest mass extermination camps for the elderly, peeps with disabilities & any other vulnerable persons, it seems the logical progression for Hopkins & her hideously uncompassionate rhetoric which some are influenced by.

Some on the left ask me why I spend so much time combatting Hopkins & her uncompassionate bile? I know many on the left might see Hopkins as something of a trolling joke, but that’s because they’ve the intelligence to see her as such, but Tracy & Sharon who aren’t as well educated & have low paying jobs will buy into Hopkins uncompassionate shite because they’re looking for something to blame for being powerless & Hopkins gives them then ready ammunition. Do we really want anybody to be saying that Hopkins has a point about ‘euthanasia vans’ or mass extermination camps for vulnerable peeps, do we really want peeps to be entertaining such hideously uncompassionate ideas?

The political rightwing like to preach they’re for all for self-responsibility, self-determination & the power of the individual & anti the blame culture, but the truth is the rightwing have their own blame culture, blame immigrants, blame peeps with disabilities in receipt of welfare, in fact any vulnerable peeps in receipt of welfare, blame anybody who’s not well off & needs assistant for being less capable. Hopkins is the worse of the worse when it comes to the blame culture of the political right wing, she’s Ayn Rand’s sociopathic selfishness on fucking speed & the left dismiss the fact she has a media platform at their peril.

Would the media be giving an unchallenged media platform to some Nazi fuck to be suggesting there should be mobile gas chambers to exterminate Jews, err no they wouldn’t but they’ve no problem with giving Katie Hopkins a platform to suggest euthanasia vans to kill off a section of the population because she reckons it would be less costly for fortunate peeps like her. It’s enough to just be aghast & horrified in the knowledge that there are peeps like Hopkins spouting such sickening opinions, but it’s beyond horrifying that the media give Hopkins a fucking platform to spout her sickening opinions, it makes me fucking livid that the media does so influencing the ill-educated & downtrodden with the ammunition to lash out.

Really should it be any surprise to Hopkins that her Twitter account gets hacked, that she has to employ extra home security due to threats made towards herself & her family, when she’s suggesting killing off sections of society which she reckons are costing her too much because she’s a selfish sociopathic cunt!

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