Harriet Harman Attempts To Rig The Labour Leadership Election Against Jeremy Corbyn

3207Funny how when Green Party members defect to the Labour it’s considered ‘disruptive entryism’ & yet when Tory voters defect to join the Labour ranks it’s considered a ‘triumph coup’.

I guess it must be a ludicrous notion that any socialist might actually want to join a political party professes to be ‘democratic socialist’ in ideology & want to vote for a socialist candidate in any leadership contest, we’ll it appears to be a ludicrous notion to Harriet Harman who as Labour’s interim leader appears to be doing all she can to rig the Labour leadership poll against Jeremy Corbyn & I think it’s a fucking disgraceful of Harriet Harman to be doing so.

Registration to vote in the Labour leadership election closes at noon on August 12th (a little under a week from now) & every moment until then it seems Harriet Harman wants to try & rig the election against Jeremy Corbyn by constantly spinning against those who have had their passions ignited by Jeremy Corbyn & want to support him to become Labour leader. As well as spinning against Labour supporters & members wanting to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, she has asked MPs & other party officials to vet more closely new members to see they’re ‘entryists’, I guess she wants to orchestrate some McCarthyism type witch hunt to ensure that those with socialist principles are removed from the grassroots of the party, because hey we can only have Bairite neoliberal sell outs in the party now, all despite the fact that Labour still maintains in its constitution it’s a ‘socialist democratic’ party, despite the fact that the Tories are shitting themselves about Corbyn becoming Labour leader as he’ll move the political zeitgeist to the left by offering something different & not just Tory lite.

Tony Blair has said you have no heart if you vote Corbyn, yeah Tony knows a lot about having a heart doesn’t he, because he had a great deal of heart when he ordered badly equipped soldiers into an illegal war & of course he had a lot of heart regards the bombing & slaughter of innocent Iraqi civilians etc. Incidentally Jeremy Corbyn voted against the illegal invasion of Iraq as well as British troops being involved in the NATO bombing of Libya, Corbyn campaigns for social justice & peace & Tony Blair is a greedy war criminal & so tell me who’s the one who hasn’t got a heart, Jeremy Corbyn speaks out against world hunger for free whereas Tony Blair charges £350k to speak out against world hunger, err now tell me who has no heart!

It doesn’t matter what Tony Blair or Peter Mandelson has to say, it doesn’t matter if any Blairite grandee calls us Corbyn supporters morons, the fact is now there’s no block vote, no college system, now there’s one member one vote, the Labour grassroots membership wants to give the finger to Blairism & want they want old Labour back with very likely Jeremy Corbyn as leader & the likes of Harriet Harman & Liz Kendall can’t grasp this fact.

There’s been an enormous amount of scaremongering about a possible Corbyn leadership, stuff such as Corbyn will make Labour unelectable & thus keep the Tories in power for 20yrs & his leadership will split the power. Some media pundits have actually described Corbyn as a 80s throwback & others have described him as Michael Foot mark II, maybe we should actually remember what really kept Labour out of power in the 1980s & it wasn’t Labour’s lurch to the left, it was the SDP split orchestrated by the gang of four who were in a strop at Tony Benn campaigning for grassroots members to have a greater say about the parliamentary Labour party keeping to party policy. If Corbyn is elected as leader & the Blairites in the party do split away from the Labour party, it will be them who keep Labour out of power due to splitting the vote on the left (if you can call Blairites leftwing lol).

I’ve never seen queues around the block in this country to see politicians speak, but I’ve stood in one for 40 minutes the other evening to hear Jeremy Corbyn speak & you tell me Corbyn is fucking unelectable! Err it seems to me peeps want to hear what Jeremy Corbyn has to say, it seems the electorate like what he has to say. Corbyn offers something different & I much prefer Corbyn offering something different then Nigel fucking Farage!

I think Corbyn can win the Labour leadership election despite the disgraceful shenanigans of Harriet Harman & Blairites. Of course Corbyn being elected is only half the battle, there’s a rumour that if he were elected then senior Labour members would plan some kind of coup to oust him, if that turns out to be true then that would a reprehensible disrespect of democracy, but hey there’s already that with Harriet Harman attempting to rig the election prior to voting getting underway.

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