Blairites look to their False Messiah to save them!

3210UK – It has been in interesting couple of weeks, with the Labour party in the midst of a leadership election. The established Blairite ruling clique has finally discovered just how out of touch they are with the members of the Labour party.

The Labour party like all political parties is a broad church. The Nu Labor ™ project was never the whole Labour party and was only tolerated as long as it was delivering electoral success.

In fact the Nu Labor™ project was and for that matter still is a messianic cult with his Holiness ‘Big’ Tony Blair as its Messiah.

This tolerance was mistaken by the Blairites as a green light to ignore the party membership. The leadership election with Jeremy Corbyn being the frontrunner has exposed the contempt that the Blairites have for the membership. Some have even threatened, Simon Danczuk for example, to depose Jeremy Corbyn on day one if he is elected. Some respect for democracy I do not think.

With the polls showing that Jeremy Corbyn is ahead of all the other candidates put together desperation has set in. Some Blairites have even begged their messiah to step in and save them. More fools them!

When their messiah finally did write a piece in the Guardian cursing Jeremy Corbyn as the spawn of Satan and promising eternal damnation to the Labor™ party if they do defy the word of ‘Big’ Tony and elect the cursed one.

The result was as instant as it was predictable. ‘Big’ Tony’s condemnation gave an instant boost to jeremy Corbyn’s electoral support.

Equally laughable is the attempt by Liz Kendall to claim unfair harassment because she supporting Conservative policy. Wake up and smell the coffee . You are in the Labour party dear! In Opposition to the ruling Conservatives. Your job is to oppose the Conservatives Not enable them. She would be better off by resigning her parliamentary seat and from Labour party immediately after she loses the leadership election. Then joining the Conservatives she seems to be more at home with them than in the Labour party.

As for Andy Burnham and his ludicrous claim that and I quote him hear. ‘I’ve never been part of the Westminster in-crowd.’ Is frankly just ridiculous. Does he thing that the membership and wider electorate are idiots. He was Miliband’s anointed one. A safe pair of hands. The great grandson of Satan, before the membership struck back.

The final candidate, Yvette Cooper is another Westminster insider. Mrs Ed Balls. The failed former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer who lost his seat at the 2015 general election. The Nu Labor[char]trade[/char] star couple specialised in house flipping in 2009.

Now there is even talk of resurrecting the Cyclops Gordon ‘Wanker’ Brown to work his magic and save the Blairites from the wilderness. No doubt it will has equally dire results™

You really could not make it up could you?

Nu Labor™ project

The whole Nu Labor™ project was doomed from the start. The country voted for Change and Hope! They got more of the same.

Alienating the students by introducing tuition fees and later tripling them and proposing to triple them again in 2010, was not a smart move. Neither was the wholesale devaluation of university degrees.

The Iraq war, Afghanistan and very publicly rimming G W Bush just compounded the problems

Betrayal hurts! That is why the share of the labour vote declined progressively during ‘Big’ Tony’s premiership[/quote]

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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