Katie Hopkins the Ukipper?

3208She who is the vilest cunt of all is thinking about going into politics, yes if rumours are to be believed Katie Hopkins is seriously thinking about having a career in politics and err no surprises she’s thinking about standing as a candidate for UKIP.

Definitely fitting that a woman with odious opinions would want to stand for a party that espouse odious policies, in fact Hopkins on her own has spouted more odiously bigoted opinions with venom then the rest of the UKIP membership combined.

Lets see Hopkins has spouted venomous hate peeps with disabilities, immigrants, the LGBT community, the elderly, peeps who are larger than the average, in fact I don’t think Bernard fucking Manning in the entirety of his lifetime had a patch on the number of oppressed and vulnerable Katie Hopkins has taunted in her short media career.

I’m sure Hopkins odiously bigoted opinions & media profile will push her up to the top of the selection list for any UKIP target seat, but the thing is if Katie Hopkins does get involved with UKIP she already has a rival when it comes to UKIP’s most gobshite cunt! Louise Bours is one of UKIP’s MEPs & oh geez anytime she appears on the BBC’s Question Time program she bullies & intimidates & tries to monopolise the panel with ignorant dumbass gobshite rhetoric & peeps switch off in droves recoiling from the decline of political discourse in this country.

In an unrelated story, apparently a UKIP MEP by the name of Mike Hookem is alleging that he was threatened at gunpoint in France, well I guess that’s what can happen when a Ukipper opens their mouth & maybe that’s something Katie Hopkins should consider before standing as a UKIP candidate because there are already a line of peeps several times around the block wanting to punch her or worse.

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