Katie Hopkins Television Show Versus Me

3214Despite it being pretty fucking obvious I think Katie Hopkins is the vilest of vile cunts, I’ve had peeps ask me if I’ve seen Katie Hopkins new television show.

You’d not expect me to attend a Nazi Party rally & so why would you fucking expect me to watch a sociopath gobshite like Katie Hopkins mouthing off on her own television show?

Hey you might get a thrill out of having putting your fingers in the plug socket, but me I find the experience painful & I don’t want to be in fucking pain. I don’t want to be in pain inflicted on peeps with disabilities by those encouraged by Katie Hopkins inability to have any empathy for those more disadvantaged than herself & so I don’t want to watch a show entitled ‘If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World’ I don’t want to see her likely mouthing more encouragement of pain being inflicted upon me.

Ah but of course I should be watching Katie Hopkins new TV show as a means of research, err I think pretty much already know the kind of bullshit we are going to get from Katie Hopkins without having to passively take up the arse from her, a week doesn’t go by without some new story about some vile shite Katie Hopkins has spouted off on Twitter which has resulted in her being investigated by the police, now she’s got a TV show she’s got more than a 140 character platform to mouth off her vile bile of hate.

Whoever the commissioning editor was who gave Katie Hopkins her own TV show should be taken outside!

Would the same cable channel which has given Katie Hopkins her own TV show have given Hitler or Stalin their own TV show back in the day to mouth off their odious ideologies, well I guess they would have if it got them viewers & fuck the consequences of infecting ignorant andĀ unstable minds with hate etc.

I really have no need to watch Katie Hopkins having her own platform to spout hate about peeps like me because a sociopath like her thinks peeps with disabilities are costing her too much, I’ve read enough of Katie Hopkins, seen enough of Katie Hopkins, to what you’re going to get from any TV show entitled If ‘Katie Hopkins Ruled The World’.

Yes the reviews have rubbished the show, but there’s plenty of shite on television which get high audience figures. I’ve not seen the viewing figures for Hopkins show but here’s hoping that they are as crap as the show is itself because then If Katie Hopkins Ruled The World will be a very short lived experience.

Sophia C*** Botha
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