Will Blairites Illegally Invade Jeremy Corbyn

How far will Blairites go to prevent this man become Labour leader
How far will Blairites go to prevent this man become Labour leader

I had a SMS text yesterday evening from Andy Burnham about keeping Labour united, to which my response was if he wanted to keep the Labour Party united then I’d suggest he vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

In the past few days Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper have been knocking lumps out each other about which one of them should step aside to give the other a better chance of beating Jeremy Corbyn, hey I hope they continue to kick the shit out of each other because it’s fabulously entertaining watching losers scrap and all the while it’s helping Jeremy Corbyn.

It’s been reported that the current Labour leadership has called the lawyers in because it appears way to many party members & supporters are voting for Jeremy Corbyn and it’s just way to fucking weird that peeps might actually want to vote for a democratic-socialist to lead a party which is rooted in democratic-socialism.

Anytime a Blairite seems to open their mouth & bitch about Corbyn not being electable it just seems to boost support for Corbyn, but it wouldn’t surprise me the lengths which Blairites might go to nobble the Labour leadership election against Jeremy Corbyn and in favour of their interests, I’d not put it past them to illegally invade Corbyn if you get my drift because I mean it ain’t stopped them before.

I can now partially reveal my real name as I’ve had to resign my position in the Labour Party due to having a twitter of mine published in an Independent article which was propagating Liz Kendall being quoted as saying disabled peeps weren’t ordinary but was proven later to be false. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of Kendall’s own campaign team didn’t actually leak the falsehood she had being saying nasty things about peeps with disabilities as a means of baiting & later embarrassing us Corbyn supporters. It might sound far fetch that Liz Kendall’s team might have deliberately leaked falsehoods against Kendall, but there have been cases in the past where politicians have deliberately leaked falsehoods about themselves to later gain advantage by playing the victim about such falsehoods being flung at them and right now Kendall is pretty desperate as she’s the Blairite torchbearer and the vast majority of the party membership are telling her to fuck off and join the Tories.

The rise of Jeremy Corbyn is due largely to Tony Blair! Blair moved the parliamentary party far to the right then the party membership had wanted and it was Blair who wanted the party to introduce one member one vote and dump the block vote and college electoral system for leadership contests and well now there is one member one vote & the membership have far more power in deciding the leadership election they’re saying fuck off to Blairites, oh the power of democracy can sometimes be such sweet revenge.

Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham can continue kicking the shit out of each other and Kendall can say any Blairite shite she wants, because Corbyn is rising above the bullshit & marching onwards to victory.

I’ve already voted for Jeremy Corbyn and so have thousands of others who aren’t troublemaking entryists but Labour members wanting the party to take a different direction.

Sophia C*** Botha
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