Worried and Depressed? Err Not If You Are A Corbynite

Jeremy Corbyn speaking at another packed rally
Jeremy Corbyn speaking at another packed rally

According to Liz Kendall many Labour members are worried and depressed!?!? Err not so if you’re a Corbynite as right now we are pretty upbeat, Jeremy Corbyn is packing out auditoriums up & down the nation with rapturous and ecstatic crowds cheering him on, the only thing Corbynites have anything to be depressed about is any kind of prospect of Liz Kendall becoming Labour leader!

If you’re looking for a reason as to why many of the party membership possibly are worried & depressed Liz then maybe I’d suggest look at yourself & the other Blairite MPs who have been reported as already having been plotting against a possible Corbyn leadership of the Labour Party. Blairites already plotting a coup against Corbyn if he’s elected Labour leader, err talk about a sheer lack of respect for democracy & a fuck you to the majority of the grassroots Labour membership who are definitely saying they want an opposition party not a ‘me too’ party. If Blairites like Kendall & John Mann want Labour to become Tory lite then I’d suggest they fuck off and join Tory proper, because Tory lite ain’t what the majority of the party membership want & this is why Corbyn is romping to victory.

Corbyn might very well be romping to victory but this in despite of the current Labour leadership trying to rig the election against him, there are reports circulating that over a 100,000 peeps eligible to vote in the Labour leadership election being barred from casting a vote and this has even included a Labour parliamentary candidate, what a fucking fiasco and a travesty and possible cause of even more party infighting post the leadership election. If Corbyn loses the election by a tight margin then I think that’s just going to call into question the legitimacy of the election process and undermine the party’s new leader and thus likely yet more party infighting, personally I’d rather post the leadership election (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) that we in Labour got back to challenging and bashing Tories for the evil cunts they happen to be.

It’s always the left which are accused of being troublemakers in the Labour ranks, when in fact it’s the right of the party who are in fact causing trouble, it wasn’t the left of the party which split the vote on the left when forming the SDP back in the early 80s & it’s not the left currently threatening to split the party if their candidate doesn’t get elected, err I think you’ll find that’s the Blairite right of the party acting like stroppy kids having a sulky tantrum. Maybe it’s time those on the right of the Labour party grew the fuck up & accept as I do that Labour is a broad church, I mean you don’t hear me threatening to leave the party like some others if the candidate I’m supporting doesn’t win the Labour leadership election, no I’ll be staying Labour no matter if it’s Yvette Cooper or Andy Burnham elected leader & not Jeremy Corbyn.

Oh of course there’s the matter of the pathetic smearing of Jeremy Corbyn, the latest being he’ll turn Britain into Zimbabwe, err what the fuck! 35 of the world’s leading economists have backed Corbyn’s economic plan including Joseph Stiglitz who’s a Nobel Prize winner, so fuck off with Corbyn will turn Britain into Greece or Zimbabwe. Peeps can also fuck off with attempting to smear Corbyn as an Anti Semitic, I’m Jewish & so do you really think I’d support a politician if they were preaching Anti Semitism, it’s a typical knee-jerk tactic of the Israeli lobby to smear anybody as Anti Semitic if they question the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people, ah yes but of course Corbyn has had meetings with representatives from Hamas, yeah well so has Tony Blair & so does that make Blair an Anti Semitic as well as a closeted Tory, actually Blair is a Tory no closeted about it.

Despite the obvious attempt by the current Labour leadership to rig the Labour leadership election against Jeremy Corbyn, I still reckon he’ll win simply because Corbyn was already popular with the grassroots Labour membership & it was the Labour leadership’s decision to abstain on the Tories Welfare Bill which was the defining moment of this leadership election as it pissed off the grassroots membership & galvanised support for Corbyn, bollocks to entryism tipping things in favour of Corbyn it was the Labour leadership fucking up themselves which tipped things in Corbyn’s favour, because as I’ve already said the grassroots Labour membership want an opposition party offering an alternative not a ‘me too’ offering a watered down version of much of the Tory same.

Sophia C*** Botha

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