Smearing and Bitterness Rising As Labour Seek A New Leader

Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn

I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before David Ike declares that Jeremy Corbyn is in fact a 10ft reptilian being & of course I’m sure if Jeremy Corbyn is elected Labour leader that Alex Jones being the predictable dickhead loon that he is will be making out Corbyn is a member of the illuminati & part of the New World Order Conspiracy, but in the meantime I half expect to read in the morning headlines that Jeremy Corbyn is an infant eating alien who’s steering an asteroid towards earth because he’s in league with celestial terrorists to wipe out all of humankind.

Yep the stories attempting to smear Jeremy Corbyn are getting more than a touch ridiculous & no that’s not just me a Corbynite saying it, sections of the media are now saying that the attempts to smear Jeremy Corbyn are now becoming ever more preposterous, I hear Daily Star will be running with the story tomorrow that Jeremy is a ten headed Satanic beast who wants to steal grandma’s soul.

There’s a joke doing the rounds that Labour’s new election anthem will be Things Can Only Get Bitter, of course it has been asked of me & others as to why things have gotten so increasingly bitter within the Labour Party throughout the length of this leadership contest? In short the reason things have gotten increasing bitter is the simple fact that the Labour Party needed to have the kind of debate the party is currently having several years ago, there’s been a debate simmering under the surface regarding the party’s future direction for sometime now & essentially things have come to the boil in the summer of 2015 with Labour members having a very public spat with one another.

The other reason there’s been increasing bitterness within the Labour Party has been due to a disconnect between the grassroots membership & the parliamentary party, it’s always been well known that the grassroots membership of Labour tended to be more radical & leftwing then the parliamentary party, the difference now is that there’s no more block vote or college system, an MPs vote in the leadership election is equivalent to any grassroots member & the majority of the grassroots Labour membership are now wanting to say fuck off to the spectre of Blairism & of course Blairite MPs & party grandees don’t like the sound of that.

I’m not saying I’ve not contributed to any increasing bitterness there is within the Labour Party, but you’ve not heard me nor will you hear me suggest splitting the party or disrespecting whoever the majority of the Labour membership choose to be the next Labour leader nor have I heard anything of that nature from anybody on the left of Labour, but I’ve heard such talk from the likes of Liz Kendall & MPs on the right of the party & yet it’s the left of the party who are being made out to be trouble makers, err what the fuck?!?!? The fact that the right of the party are the ones making trouble & yet it’s the left of the party being made out to being the troublemakers is irksome (then some!) & its royally pissing me off.

Sure I’ve had a few choice things to say about Liz Kendall which have been published on this site, but all I’ve had to say about Liz Kendall which has been published here has essentially just been reiterating what Kendall has said herself & so technically Kendall has often been smearing herself with the drivel she’s often been saying (& I’m not the only one who has pointed this out). The smearing of Corbyn is different to the smearing of Kendall because it’s based on false conclusions such as because he’s had a meet with representatives of Hamas then he must be Anti Semitic etc, they might as well say Corbyn is a Satanist because he might of shook the hand of a practicing Satanist in his time etc.

I’m sure I’m not the only member of Labour who’s thinking or saying that I’ll be glad when all this leadership election bullshit is over, I certainly will be partying if Corbyn is elected leader but I realise that getting him elected leader is only half the battle because I’m sure the Tories will waste no opportunity to launch new attacks against him.

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