British People Show Katie Hopkins & Nigel Farage Up For Their Lack Of Compassion

3219In response to current refugee crisis Nigel Farage’s response has been his typical stock answer to anything which is to blame the European Union & let’s not forget Katie Hopkins’s response to the refugee crisis being to suggest turning gunships on boats full of peeps fleeing war zones in fear of their of their lives.

Considering that neither Katie Hopkins nor Nigel Farage have never had to flee a war zone in fear of their lives this might explain their sheer lack of compassion for those who are having to do so & I was kind of hoping that the news media would show up Hopkin’s & Farage’s & any UKIP or rightwing turd’s lack of compassion towards the current refugee crisis, but maybe it’s not needed because with the odd exception there seems to have been an enormous outpouring of compassion from the British people towards those fleeing in their lives from Syria and Libya.

It’s a shame that it took pictures of dead refugee children washing up on beaches, but at least it appears something good as come from that tragedy in the shape of many peeps in Britain saying those refugees fleeing from Syria and Libya should be given shelter and there’s been pressure on the Tory government to act to do so as well as individuals themselves wanting to offer their homes to give shelter to refugees and there’s even been a petition lobbying the government to allow peeps to do so.

Whatever motivated the British peeps to on the whole act with compassion in response to the present refugee crisis, it’s just overwhelmingly pleasing to see & it shows up the likes of Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage for the sociopathic rightwing fucks they happen to be.

Dead refugee children washing up on beaches might have stirred the British peeps to act with humane compassion to the refugee crisis, but I think the British peeps need to be reminded me thinks as to what’s largely contributing to dead refugee children washing up on beaches and what’s causing the current refugee crisis and that’s peeps voting for governments who go and meddle in places like Syria and Libya which has resulted in those countries becoming hell holes from which peeps are prepared to risk their lives to escape.

NATO intervened in Libya back in 2011 to topple Colonel Gaddafi & sure Gaddafi was toppled but it didn’t result in Libya blossoming into a westernised democracy rather it’s descended into various militia factions clambering for control by bloody means and thus resulting in innocent peeps caught in the crossfire and thus resulting them wanting to escape as they fear for their lives. As for Syria well who can tell really who are the good & bad guys, nobody’s really sure who’s the least dangerous faction to support & just seems any faction that any British government might back will in fact make the situation in Syria worse for Syrians and for us in Britain regards our own personal security. Though David Cameron has now been forced by public pressure to give shelter to Syrian refugees, his answer to the conflict in Syria has been to bomb Syria, yeah because peeps aren’t going to want to flee if they’re having the shit bombed out of them, well I guess killing potential refugees is one way of resolving the issue & I’m sure Katie Hopkins would approve of such a tactic.

Maybe a better foreign policy would be not to bomb and meddle in various countries at the behest of the military industrial complex rather to reward those poorer developing countries for employing compassion & humanity towards their own citizens and not cooperate with those who don’t, peeps might mock the late Robin Cook’s mantra of an ethical foreign policy but I think having an ethical foreign policy ain’t such a bad thing and at least it’s more constructive than Nigel Farage blaming the European Union for everything because how the fuck does that help those refugees drowning in the mediterranean.

Sophia C*** Botha
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