When Push comes to Shove the UK, France and USA Back IS!

3224USA – It has long been claimed that Daesh or Islamic State is a vehicle that the US and its allies uses to advance their own strategic and political aims in the middle east.

When the USA finally did decide to do something about IS by forming one of its infamous coalitions to defeat IS It managed to include the countries that have consistently financed and armed IS in the first place, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. A fact that should be ringing alarm bells about the real intentions of this coalition.

Now Russia has called the US’s bluff on IS by starting bombing missions in Syria in support of their long term ally president Assad. France, Germany, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UK and US have instantly and stupidly jumped into the trap with both feet by opposing Russia’s operations against terrorist groups.

Assad is the only game in town and we all know it. It is madness to pretend otherwise.

The US and its coalition allies performance can best be summarized by the word tokenisum. After the initial trumpeting of apparently successful operations by the coalition, one of its members, the Saudis, threatened to pull out if the USA did not stop bombing IS targets in Iraq so effectively.

The Americans obligingly conformed to the Saudi request and operations against IS settled down to appearance of doing something for the benefit of the people back home. Whist in reality the USA and its allies has done little or nothing to stem IS.

But even this is not wholly true. when IS temporarily seized the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani. The US was forced to launch airstrikes against IS forces to prevent the defeat of their Kurdish Allies. After this high spot things settled back down to the familiar pattern of token airstrikes for the benefit of the press and folks back home.

Even the much heralded deal between US and Turkey to hit IS was actually a cover for allowing Turkey to attack the Kurds. Yet another betrayal of US allies.

But this is the the fate of all declining imperial powers. To get bogged down fighting wars on behalf of subject powers, that are in reality against the imperial powers interests to be involved in. This and the corruption at their centers of power is what grinds them down.

Now that Russia has entered the Syrian conflict on the side if president Assad the US and its NATO allies are howling in protest that they have been caught with their fingers in the till so to speak.

Vladimir Putin’s speech at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly hit the nail on the head, when he exposed the rank and blatant hypocrisy of the US and NATO position on Syria.

It will be interesting to see if the US and NATO countries will cooperate when the serial numbers of captured western supplied weapons system start turning up. It will be easy to find out who supplied them, and who has breached the End User Certificates that are a legal requirement of the arms trade.

My bet is that there will be exactly the same amount of cooperation as in looking at the financing of IS. Absolutely none. This is the corruption at the heart of the political process in the west. We have stupidly allowed politicians to become paid representatives of other countries and corporate interests. Whilst I do not go much on religion, the saying that you cannot serve two masters does rather spring to mind. You can only one or the other but not both.

Vladimir Putin at the 70th session of the UN General Assembly

The situation is extremely dangerous. In these circumstances, it is hypocritical and irresponsible to make declarations about the threat of terrorism and at the same time turn a blind eye to the channels used to finance and support terrorists, including revenues from drug trafficking, the illegal oil trade and the arms trade.

It is equally irresponsible to manipulate extremist groups and use them to achieve your political goals, hoping that later you will all find a way to get rid of them or somehow eliminate them.

I would like to tell those who engage in this: Gentlemen, the people you are dealing with are cruel but they are not dumb. They are as smart as you are. So, it iss a big question: who is playing who here? The recent incident where the most ‘moderate’ opposition group handed over their weapons to terrorists is a vivid example of that.

We consider that any attempts to flirt with terrorists, let alone arm them, are short-sighted and extremely dangerous. This may make the global terrorist threat much worse, spreading it to new regions around the globe, especially since there are fighters from many different countries, including European ones, gaining combat experience with Islamic State. Unfortunately, Russia is no exception.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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