Tory voter gets what she wished for and She does not like it!

Tory voter expressing delight at receiving the treatment that she wanted others to have
Tory voter expressing delight at receiving the treatment that she wanted others to have

UK – Thursday night’s Question time on the BBC provided some serious entertainment for a change. Normally we have the same bunch of clones in both the audience and on the panel spouting the same old ritualised twaddle.

This week we were treated to the satisfying sight of a Conservative voter, Michelle Dorrell, 35, getting exactly what she had voted for inflicted upon her own family.

She of course is rather unhappy about it. Like so many that make their beds. Piss and shit in them. Then she has rolled around in the sewage. She is now complaining that she smells of piss and shit. Whilst at the same time adding copious amounts of vomit to the mixture.

Well she has made her bed and now she must lie in it.

It is hard to have a lot of sympathy for her, because she was by voting conservative in the election perfectly happy for the sick, disabled and unemployed to be abused and impoverished so long as she was not affected.

Well conservative party policy is a wonderful thing. It sounds so lovely until it becomes personal. For Michelle Dorrell it just did.

Well they do say that all the best lessons in life come at some personal cost to the student. This does have to be a case in point. The phrase, “Be careful what you wish for you might just get it!” rather springs to mind.

She was not and she did get it.

We can only hope that Michelle Dorrell, 35, has become a poorer but wiser person after all this.

The only silver lining in the whole affair is that energy secretary Amber Rudd was shown to be a cardboard cutout. An over promoted empty headed token woman in a cabinet of inbred genetic throwbacks.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

2 thoughts on “Tory voter gets what she wished for and She does not like it!”

  1. Brilliant article, love your adroitness and insightful style. Its hilarious seeing the middle classes and many of the self-delusional poor, falling victim to the mainstream media psyops blaming austerity and the great depression on the poor. Despite failing to question authority and seek the truth, they were hypnotised by the propaganda from both sides and voted for duopolistic crony capitalist fascist Tory/New Labour detritus.

    Now they’re crying foul for being plundered by the Cameron’s cronies and constituents the bankers, brokers, hedge fund managers, investment and pension institutions that created the collapse by gambling with depositors savings on the stock exchange.

    Except they were bailed out for they are worthy, besides Cameron and rest of his ilk couldn’t envisage themselves in line at the dole office. For if that was the case we’d still have our economy, but the fascist crony capitalists would’ve suffered. That’s called capitalism, you take a risk and if you succeed you profit, otherwise you lose. Instead austerity a fait accompli was imposed upon the majority and our so called representatives legitimised it, thanks to Gordon Brown’s Neo Labour. Plague on all their houses. Ban all parties, only independents allowed, those that reside in their constituents and have proven track records of community work.

    1. We are not a democracy! We are an elected dictatorship!

      There is a lot to be said for your suggestion about banning political parties in parliament. I would also limit the number of times MP can serve as a MP to 2 Parliaments. Thus ending the curse of the career politician.

      On second jobs and consultancies I would ban them from claiming parliamentary expenses and second homes allowances if MPs have a second job or were receiving consultancy fees. You cannot serve two masters. They should have to make a choice. MP or outside employment.


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