Has the House of Saud overplayed its hand?

The House of Saud

Saudi Arabia – The House of Saud rulers of Saudi Arabia seems to have suddenly found discovered that it needs to assert itself on the world stage.

For many years it has been content to sit back and pay others to do its dirty work for it. But it is now discovering that sometimes you have to get your own hands dirty as well.

You cannot just pay someone else to to do something without them having their own agenda. Often one that is only apparently in alignment with your own. Thus it is with the House of Saud. Al Qaeda and Daesh are busy biting the hand that feeds them. Worse still for the House of Saud their minions regard them as depraved apostates worthy only of death.

Its attempt to control the Lebanon has hit a brick wall with all sides reluctant to return to a sectarian civil war..

The war against president Assad in Syria has gone horribly wrong for them with the Russians launching an air campaign against the Saudi backed terrorists. The Kurds are also pushing Daesh back too.

In Iraq the Iraqi army is starting to make progress against Daesh with the recent capture of Ramadi and the Iraqi Kurds pushing Daesh back in the north of Iraq.

But the House of Saud has not yet given up on its dream of ousting President Assad from Syria. To this end they have put together a Sunni muslim “coalition against terrorism”.

The House of Saud’s definition of terrorist seems to be anybody who is not Sunni muslim. Not just that anybody who is not a follower of the Wahhabi sect that the Saudi’s favour.

The trouble is that it is this same Wahhabi sect that Daesh (IS), Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and all the other muslim extremists nutters follow. A

This grand coalition has managed to assemble an army of 350,000 men 2000 aircraft and 20,000 tanks. It is currently engaged in exercise in northern Saudi Arabia.

But then there is another coalition that the Saudi’s formed to fight a war in the Yemen against the Houthis. The Houthis are a branch of Shia Islam who were in the eyes of Saudi Arabia in danger of winning the civil war in the Yemen.

One year on and the Saudi coalition still has not won. It cannot be said to be going well even. Sana is still not in Saudi hands. The Saudi navy has lost something like 12 ships and gunboats in the last 6 months. Al-Qaeda captures towns from the Saudi backed government at will seemingly and the Houthis even occupy small parts if Saudi Arabia.

All in all the Saudi’s have made a dog’s breakfast of the war in Yemen and put their economy into a sharp reverse. Forcing the government to reduce and remove subsidies from the pampered population.

This of course risks discontent at home. Not wise when they treat 30% (the Shias) of their population like dogs.

Then there is the Qatar – Saudi problem. They hate each other and it is a case of when not if they go to war. Although both Saudi Arabia and Qatar support terrorists in Syria. They back different groups.

I suspect that the current strategy of the Qatari government is to encourage the House of Saud into overextending itself through warfare into a collapse from within. Victory without a shot being fired.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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