Should Business Men be banned from Internet Dating?

Picture: POLICE Jason Lawrance
Picture: POLICE
Jason Lawrance

UK – With the conviction yesterday of sexual preditor, Jason Lawrance, 50, for rapeing and assaulting women he met on a dating website We have to ask if capitalists should be banned from all internet dating websites?

Lawrence, who is the father-of-three, has been sentenced to life in prison today at Derby Crown Court after being convicted of raping five women and will serve a minimum sentence of 12-and-a-half years before being considered for release.

He selected his victims on whilst using the profile names KeepItStraightToday and StraightMan.

That he is a self employed business man should be no surprise to anybody.

Who has not seen groups of sales reps and business men eyeing up school girls in cafe will mal intent. From the snatches of their conversations, bellowed across the cafes’ I seriously think that they would bang any hole that that moves and is warm and wet. The is human, is female, that moves, is warm and is wet are all optional. Preferable but definitely optional.

Frankly I have seen dogs in the street who are more sexually discriminating…

Talk about throwing people to the wolves!

So back to the original question, should these sexual preditors be allowed anyware near internet dating websites like

Or should we accept that anyone who signed up to them, for instance accepts that this is exactly the type of person that they are wanting to meet?


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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

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