Iain Dummkopf Schmitt buries the Gidiot’s chances of becoming PM!

Iain Duncan Smith cheers at the prospect of vulnerable people being killed
Iain Duncan Smith cheers at the prospect of vulnerable people being killed. He has now resigned from the cabinet over cuts to disability benefits.

UK – We at the Bastard have occaisionally underestimated people in the political world.In this case it appears that we have with Iain Dummkopf Schmitt.

Who is said by people who have worked with him in the past to be the the stupidest ex guardsman from a regiment noted for its inbred stupidity. He has effectively buried Gideon Osborne’s chances of succeeding David Porkeron as the next Prime Minister.

It appears that Iain Dummkopf Schmitt has a measure of low down cunning as well as a well developed ‘Brute’ instinct for stabbing his colleagues in the back. Yesterday’s shock suicide bombing of the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

It appears that we forgot that Iain Dummkopf Schmitt spent the entirety of his early career stabbing both John Major and then William Hague succeeded John Major in 1997 in the back at every opportunity.

Whether it is low cunning or astute political guile by resigning from the cabinet siting the “indefensible” changes to disability benefits. His targeted suicide bombing of both David Porkeron and the Gidiot has struck at the perfect time to destroy any hope, or should that be delusions, that Gidiot might of had of succeeding David Porkeron as the next Prime Minister.

The timing could not be worse for David Porkeron with a perfect storm brewing. Made up of the budget debate, the coming EU referendum and the inevitable leadership election all coming together.

At a stroke Iain Dummkopf Schmitt has also freed himself in order to campaign for the Britexit. An interesting position from someone who seems hell bent on handing the UK over to the USA bound and gagged.

But is he really that smart? Did he just get lucky? Or is he just a ‘manchurian candidate’ dancing to someone else’s tune? Well in our opinion he certainly believes he is his own man. But we at the Bastard darkly suspect the cold dead hand of Bozza at work manipulating Iain Dummkopf Schmitt’s marionette strings and whispering in his pointy ears.

He has also made the Prime Minister, David Porkeron, look like a total twat for supporting the cruel and heartless cuts to personal Independence payments for the disabled. Not the greatest achievement because Porkeron makes it very easy for his rivals to humiliate him. He displays his total lack of judgement at every opportunity.

Here I need to remind you that the proper title of the Prime Minister is Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury. Which means that he cannot evade responsibility for any action by the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

That is unless the prime Minister sacks the Chancellor of the Exchequer which is firing the starting gun for a major political crisis.

You may think or believe that the conservatives hate the poor, sick and disabled. But that is as nothing to the hatred that they have for each other. There will be blood. There will be the slaughter of the first born (Ivan Porkeron?)

Well Iain Dummkopf Schmitt goodby and good riddance. Like all ‘believers’ you leave many thousands of lives shattered and destroyed in the wake of your efforts to help the.


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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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