Dinosaurs looking for a new Keyboard Player!

Greg Lake and Carl Palmer next to Keith Emerson’s skull.

USA – Following the tragic death of Keyboard player Keith Emerson on the 10 March 2016. His fellow band mates, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer, are looking for someone to replace him in ELP

When interviewed by The Bastard‘s music correspondent Greg Lake and Carl Palmer said that it would be immensely difficult to replace Keith Emerson after his tragic suicide. and that they were looking for someone with the same sort of stage presence that Keith Emerson had.

Greg Lake even said “We need someone who could chew through a Hammond organ live on stage whilst playing Fanfare for the Common Man on it and a Moog synthesizer at the same time”

We at The Bastard think that this will be a bit of a tall order because the Prog Rock Dinosaurs are heading for extinction. Dying out due to either Old age or by their own hands.

We wish them well in their quest.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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