Top Tories Start New Skull and Bones Club.

The Bullingdon Club
The Bullingdon Club

UK – People often say that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. They go further by saying that if it appeared in a novel then no one would believe it.

You may even have heard of the Ivy league to which America’s elite send their children. Of which Yale is one of the most prestigious US universities. Not so well known is the Yale secret society called Skull and Bones. Which inducts initiates and perform ceremonies using Geronimo’s skull and bones in the Tomb. The tomb is Skull and Bones’s clubhouse which looks like a mausoleum.

The Bullingdon Club, in Oxford is the English equivalent of the Skull and Bones. Whose former members include Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and former London Mayor and future Prime Ministerial hopeful Boris Johnson.

You cannot under estimate just how much former prime minister Margaret Thatcher was loved within the membership of the Conservative party. This membership has never forgiven or forgotten what they see as the foul betrayal of the blessed martyr St Margaret by the Parliamentary party.

This in turn as lead to a desire for revenge against what MPs see as the unreasonable demands and dictates from, what the MPs see as, the dinosaurs in the Conservative party membership. This desire for revenge was communicated to David Cameron.

The opportunity to fulfill his MPs wishes presented itself on 8th of April 2013 when Margaret Thatcher died. David Cameron in an inspired moment promptly phoned up the Bullingdon Club and ordered them to seize the skull and long bones of that bloody woman from Leverton & Sons. Then create initiation rituals and other ceremonies involving the bones. The more disrespectful the better.

Well today we heard that the Conservative party has its own Skull and Bones rituals. David Cameron and the Conservative MPs have the smug satisfaction that they are showing the maximum contempt to the useful idiots that they call party members.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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