Whichever way you look David Cameron Murdered Jo Cox

Thomas Mair
Thomas Mair

This week we have had the tragic murder of a British member of Parliament Jo Cox. The 52 year old attacker, Thomas Mair, is variously described as a mental case, a terrorist and a far right extremist. Though as Mair is white, and not a muslim, the press has gone rather quiet on the terrorist bit.

The British press has gone out of its way to say lets not make political capital out of events. Which is strange until you think that if Jo Cox had been a Conservative MP rather than a Labour MP say Iain Duncan Smith or Bojo. The papers would have been yelling Bloody lefties and demanding the death penalty for the attacker and the summary executions of everyone who has ever met him.

But as it was a Labour MP and the murder by a right wing activist the establishments go to bully boys. Think of the UDA and UFF in Ulster here. No doubt the establishment has moved some its enforcers to Scotland just in case the Scots vote for independence. No attention must ever be drawn to who the puppet master might be.

So is Thomas Mair a mental case? Very likely, as it is reported that he tried to get help earlier in the week. But as we all know mental health services have been decimated by David Cameron’s governments.

Is Thomas Mair a far right extremist? Well as witnesses have said that Is Thomas Mair a Terrorist? Mair yelled, “Britain First” during or after the attack. It is a pretty fair assumption. That he gave his name in court this morning as, “Death to Traitors and Freedom for Britain.”

Is Thomas Mair a Terrorist? Yes. Definitely by the strict definition of the word. He has used violence to further his political ends. But it does have to be said that the word terrorist is often used to prevent discussion, and as Thomas Mair is white, and not a muslim or Irish, the press has gone rather quiet on the terrorist bit.

So how is David Cameron responsible for Jo Cox’s death? Well we have dealt with the decimation of mental health services. David Cameron is guilty as charged. But the main responsibility comes from David Cameron’s in not confronting the Euro skeptics head on. Rather he meekly surrendered to them and gave them the EU referendum as a way of buying them off.

In announcing the EU Referendum David Cameron has opened pandora’s box. Thus providing a legitimate stage and the oxygen of publicity to every petty nationalist, little Englander and closet fascist.

Any decent statesman would have know this. But as we well know David Cameron is no statesman. He is too much of a coward for that.

So by opening Pandora’s box he bears direct responsibility for Jo Cox’s murder.


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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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