The UK and the EU: Who is to Blame for this Mess?

The UK and EU to have a messy divorce
The UK and EU to have a messy divorce

UK – Thursdays EU referendum in the UK and its momentous result has fractured what passes for the political process. The Pound has fallen through the floor, as have stocks and shares and the United Kingdom’s credit rating. The big exception is inflation which will take off with a vengeance due to the increasing cost of imports especially Petrol and Diesel.

The Prime Minister having opened pandora’s box and let loose the forces of petty nationalism. Having nailed his colours to the remain camp’s mast David Cameron is now a dead man walking, has now resigned. The economy had already tanked before the EU referendum. The Conservatives are broken and rudderless. The pro and anti eu factions hate each other with the sort of bile normally reserved for religious disputes.

The EU wants us to invoke Article 50 as soon as possible. The Zombie prime Minister is no hurry to invoke it. Whilst the other members of the EU cannot force the UP to invoke Article 50, they can start cancelling the special deals and opt outs that the UK had previously negotiated and has benefited from. Thus forcing the Zombie’s hand.

The Liberal Democrats which is the most pro EU party in the UK. Have already committed electoral suicide by going into coalition with the conservatives in 2010 and they paid the price in the 2015 general election. Their only remaining function is to collect up the Pro EU refugees from the bloodletting within the conservative party. Thatcher’s fundamentalist bastards will run hog wild! In the David Porkeron sense. I would avoid eating brawn from now on!

Fundamentally this is what conservatives do. Everything that they ever touch turns to shit. Yes it would not have happened if David Cameron has had the guts to stand up to the Euro skeptics. By being a coward and in surrendering to them at every point he unleashed the forces of petty nationalism. Something that any half decent statesman would know instinctively. The pig fucker is no statesman.

Of course when the petty nationalists get let out of their cess pits it is incredibly difficult to get them back in. It never ends well. Look at the mess the conservatives caused by opposing home rule for Ireland!

Now on to the labour party and its role in all this. The Blairites not satisfied with having made the party lose the 2010 general election and in a fit of pique, because they are no longer in the driving seat, are throwing their toys out of the pram. Because if they can’t be in charge then no one can. Even if they have to break the Labour party to prove it!

To whit the Blairites are now blaming the labour leader Jeremy Corbyn lost the referendum for the remain camp! Notwithstanding that the Prime Minister was leading the pro EU campaign and therefore carries that responsibility.

The blame for labour voters voting UKIP and BrExit however lies firmly at the feet of the unholy trinity of Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell and their Nu Labor™ cult in 1997. That was in their decision to abandon the white working class and their interests and concerns. This is not a uniquely Blairite opinion.

I can remember people saying to me back in the 80s that, “The Labour party despises the white working class, but the white working class is too stupid to understand that is how it is.”

I was surprised back then but I can see the truth of it now. Blair was the first to openly rub it into the white working classes faces. Then laugh in their faces at their outrage. The anger at the political establishment has been growing ever since.

Interestingly the Conservatives do this too, but they have a better gut feeling about the hopes fears and aspirations of the white working class than the Labour party does. As evidenced by their ability to use divide and rule so effectively.

Come 2008 and the financial markets crash together with the bank bailouts and austerity that came its wake Nigel Farage and his petty nationalist party UKIP comes along as says I share your concerns about immigration. It is all the EU’s fault you know.

If they had dared to share their concerns with a labour party member they would have been denounced as a racist or British National Party (BNP) members. Gordon brown provided rather dramatic proof of this when he thought he was off microphone and he called Gillian Duffy, 65, a lifelong Labour party voter a bigoted woman just for asking about immigration.

Arguably it was that comment that convinced the white working class to support UKIP and caused the Lib Con coalition that resulted from the stalemate of the 2010 election.

Nothing was learned from that disaster and anyone who mentioned immigration to a Labour party member was instantly denounced as A fascist! A racist! A bigot!

Hence it was UKIP that buried Ed Miliband’s leadership and ushered in the Conservative majority government in 2015. You also have to factor in Labour’s taking the Scottish electorate for granted resulting in them losing all but 1 seats to the SNP. But the reality is the same.

The political process in Westminster is totally disconnected from the electorate. It was bad in 2010, and it is getting worse. The feeling that people in London regard north of Watford as the frozen wastes has been reinforced over and over again.

So if you want to put the blame anywhere look no further than the middle class educated snobs who hold fashionable progressive socialist views. Whilst holding the the white working class in total and utter contempt.

You know the ones who claim to be educated but cannot debate anything. The ones who demand that anyone who disagrees with them is No platformed. In many respects they are more odious than the ones they decry and seek to deny a voice.

So if you do not like what I have written then stuff it up your ass. If the truth hurts then fucking learn from it you prissy wankers!



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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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