Good Government depends of a strong opposition. Not a Farce!

Jeremy Corbyn Vcs Owen Smith. The people Vcs the Machine

UK – The Government is in disarray. The prime minister David Cameron has dug a great big hole and pushed the country into it before resigning. His replacement Theresa May has purged her predecessors cronies from the cabinet.

At a time when the opposition should be capitalising on this disarray. The opposition Labour party’s Nu Labor™ cult, a party within the party, has decided to launch a coups d’ état against the elected leader.

Not a spontaneous coup as the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) would have you believe. But one that has been cooking from the moment that Nu Labor™ lost the party leadership election to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party membership.

Now the whole thing  has moved  from a pantomime into full blown farce when on the 19th July, 2016 with the original challenger (or should that be stalking donkey?) Angela Eagle should down. Making way for Owen Smith to stand as the main challenger. When it became clear that Eagle was deeply unpopular with her constituency party and the members of the Labour party. Not only that but she had been economical with the actuality about a broken window in a communal aria in the same building that she has her constituency office.

Not that Owen Smith is any better. A PR man for a pharmaceutical company whose opinions change with the targeted audience. Another Blair long after Labour party members and the country at large had decided that the last thing that they need was another PR man who only believes in personal power and enriching themselves.

Then on the 28th July, 2016 Michael Foster lost his court action to bar Jeremy Corbyn from standing in the Labour party leadership election.

The hearing lasted all of 30 seconds. The following 30 minutes, some 60 times longer than the actual hearing. Who says that Lawyers do not look after their own interests) were about the apportioning of the costs.

Michael Foster had to pick up all the costs, as well he should for bringing such as spurious case to court. He should have known better than to have been so blatant in his attempt to bully and buy the political process on behalf of a foreign power. According to our legal corespondent he walked out of the hearing with a face like a smacked arse!

That last statement could be seen as anti-Semitism if it was not for the vexatious claims of Anti-Semitism in the Labour party made by John Mann and Ruth Smeeth.

Moving on to the 8 August, 2016 and Mr Justice Hickinbottom ruled that the claimants had been “entirely successful”, adding: ““These people have paid their dues for the legal right to vote in the forthcoming leadership election.”

The 130,000 excluded members now being able to vote in the leadership election. This also opened the question of the Labour party NC having to refund the £25-00 pound voting members their subs.

Only to be disappointed soon after when on the 12 August, 2016 Lord Justice Beatson, sitting with Lady Justice Macur and Lord Justice Sales sitting in the court of appeal ruled in flavor of labours NEC and blocked the 130,000 from voting in the leadership election.

Again this judgement has been questioned due to Lord Justice Sales connections with former prime Minister Tony Blair and Lord Justice Beaston’s connections with the Israeli Justice minister.

As many have said Justice must be seen to be blind and above reproach. Judges from, Lord Hoffmann in the Senator Pinochet case , have been increasingly shown themselves to be blind to their own conflicts of interest. This judgement cannot be said to be either blind or impartial.

On to the present should Owen Smith be elected as party leader his credibility as leader will be non existent. If the only way that he can be elected is via ballot rigging and gerrymandering then Owen Smith is automatically unfit to stand as a candidate for the labour Leadership.

A much more serious implication of this deeply flawed judgement is the setting of a unsettling precedent in terms of allowing the retrospective altering of contracts. Overturning centuries of contract law.

The Latest dimension to the farce or should we say that the farce moved into hyper-drive. When Catherine Starr was banned from voting in the election because she posted, “I fucking love the Foo Fighters!”

Whilst rich Blairite party donor and spoiled brat Michael Foster is allowed to vote even though he wrote an article in the Tories house trash rag The Daily Mail Nazi called “Why I despise Jeremy Corbyn and his Nazi stormtroopers” in which he describes Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters as as Nazi stormtroopers.

On the face of it a banning offence if ever there is one. But Labour general secretary Iain McNicol is proving himself to be totally unfit to be in charge of himself, let alone a political party.

It seems that there really is one rule of rich Nu Labor™ Blairite bullies who support Owen Smith and quite another ordinary Labour party members who overwhelmingly support Jeremy Corbyn.

The country needs a strong opposition, not a self indulgent bunch of prats, read 172 of them, posing as Labour MPs who have in reality propped up the most corrupt and criminal Conservative government in modern history.

Ed Miliband lost in 2015 because he had no vision, and tried to get the approval of the Daily Mail Nazi. A fools errand if ever their was one.

If Miliband had voted with the Conservatives at every vote and let David Cameron Porkeron and Gideon Osborne spit roast him on the dispatch box for starters, and then for seconds sucked David Cameron Porkeron off whilst Gideon Osborne snorted coke off his butt crack at question time every week in a act of ritual humiliation.

Even then it would not have been good enough for the Nazi Zealots of the Daily Mail Nazi!

It sounds just like the Tory party where the rich can do as they please and the plebs can go fuck themselves.

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Author: Dr Suusi Watson

Editor of the Bastard

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